Sony Damages Future PS4 Sales By Downplaying PlayStation Eye

Hardcore Gamer: Sony has downplayed the importance of its new hardware on multiple occasions, and has likely damaged future sales of their device by not establishing the 100% install base that Microsoft has already nabbed.

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theBAWSE1835d ago

how many of those people that bought kinect still play it? how many thought it didn't live up to the wild promises made by Microsoft?

I think Sony have gone the right route not forcing the ps eye... its there if you need it but this console is mainly about gaming not useless gimmicks..

Xsilver1835d ago

you're totally right i No one uses their kinect or the pseye unless a game requires it i'm only buying the PSeye for the PS4 for live streaming and paying $60 dollars isn't big deal so yeah Sony did the right thing.

shoddy1835d ago

I'll get pseye for video chat

JoGam1835d ago

@ Shoddy,.....Me too!

darthv721835d ago

I think it was reported a few days ago that the upper management at sony canned the idea to make the camera a pack-in. otherwise it would have been included.

which, if you think about it, was more than likely the intention from the get-go. Meaning they had cameras for the ps2 and ps3 but those were released as add-ons....afterthoughts if you will.

the Ps4 was built to incorporate the camera from the beginning. By not including it is a missed opportunity but they will likely still make use of the camera in the majority of the games/system apps.

Its up to them if they really want to support it (which is very likely) and create the demand for it. by making subtle inclusions in games and apps would be bonus for those who have one. thus making others who dont just a bit curious about those extra features and could be enticing enough to promote them to picking it up.

then from there....who knows.

thrust1835d ago

Loads of people play kinect mate family's and kids love it!

Get out of your stupid little bubble, gaming is for everyone, EVERYONE!!!

4Sh0w1835d ago

theBawse is so wrong not only do plenty of people play it, Dance Central and Kinect Sports is a hit every time I have a get together but I also use it for basic dashboard stuff. Also last gen was last gen, now we're talking about consoles that will do even more this gen in regards to games and social features. Sony even admits it was a price decision and the suits on the board won. They even also said they will try to beef up the adoption with bundles once the install base is bigger. Unfortunately that same lack of committment at the start is going to make it an uphill battle later to get support just like with ps move.

ohiostatesman1835d ago

Sony's future has already been damaged not from gaming but other parts of their company dragging it down. Last fiscal quarter Sony only eeked out a profit by selling buildings and insurance. True story.

nukeitall1835d ago

Sony might nab the very early adopters and extreme hardcore gamers, but I think MS strategy is widening their market.

In the end, core gamers play games and MS seems to have a huge lineup of AAA games for both launch and into 2014 compared to the competition.

Right now everybody is selling out of their allocation of launch console, but the real console war starts next year, when they both are commonly available in store.

minimur121835d ago


Really, sony are being very clever on this one;
because kinect is packed in with Xbox, dev's may make use of the kinect, and being as the PS Camera is essentially the same thing (motion tracking, voice recognition) they will just port over the kinect implementations to the camera :)

lastofgen1835d ago

what are you talking about?
our family nights = a game of monopoly and kinect sports/dance central.

guitarded771835d ago

I have PS Move and Kinect, and rarely use either. I like having both, and each have a purpose. I will buy a PS Camera for the PS4 (maybe even at launch... haven't decided yet), but I like the fact that it's not required. That extra $60 is going toward an extra controller right now, because I know I'll need it more.

As far as I can tell, the requirement of Kinect is hurting initial sales more than the lack of the PS Camera in next-gen sales. Most of my gamer friends who want an XBOX One do not care about Kinect, and if Xbone came in a $400 package without Kinect, I know more would buy it.

Cameras and motion controls are not system sellers for the majority of early adopters. Sony has said that maybe in the future they will bundle PS Camera with PS4's, but they know the day one people will see it more as a novelty than a daily use peripheral.

ShinMaster1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Does anyone really believe that not including the PS Eye could cause any major harm to PS4 sales?
Demand for the PS4 itself is already higher worldwide.

@ nukeitall

So basically, the real console war doesn't start until XB1 (hopefully)starts doing better than the PS4? lol got it.
And "extreme hardcore gamers" buy a lot more games than casual gamers, making Sony more money.

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jgrigs091835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Issue is, Sony just developed the PS Eye people won't even buy, thus losing money. With the Xbox One it's guaranteed to not loose money, because it comes with the Xbox One. Like it or not, the Xbox One will have tremendous amount of sales. People tend to forget these websites don't make up for the actual amount of it will sell. Some people don't even bother to come on these websites. I never came on these sites, until I read about the Xbox One and Playstation 4 announcement. Sony will lose money for every Playstation sold while Xbox is predicted to break even or even make money off every system sold.

deep_fried_bum_cake1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Damn I wish I could put bullet points.

The PS Eye has been around for years, yes there will be some R&D costs for the new features but probably nothing huge that can't be made up on sales, otherwise there is no loss real loss. I'm assuming anyway, don't take my word for it.

Onto sales now. Even if it is not being packaged with the console there will still be millions of people who purchase it. Not original kinect numbers but still millions.

As to your last point, yes Sony will be losing money with every console. Where you're wrong however is in thinking that Microsoft won't, they will be making a loss as well. If they weren't then they'd be more than happy to match the Playstation's price.

brometheos1835d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft sell consoles at a loss. C'mon we don't need misinformed people misinforming people.

JetsFool35001835d ago

Just because the kinect comes with the x1 doesn't guarantee people are gonna buy kinect games

JetsFool35001835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Sorry x2 post

darthv721835d ago


that is true of the old kinect. Keep in mind that kinect was an afterthought for the 360. so the divide between games made for the kinect and those for the 360 were prevalent.

the new kinect is more incorporated with the xb1 so the likeliness of those buying games are more than just only for kinect.

Lets put it this way. people who buy games for the xb1 are guaranteed to have some level of kinect support. More so if the game is specifically designed to use it as opposed to "in addition to".

This comes from the standardization of the kinect with every unit. Now HOW that support is applied is up to the developers but at the very least, they know everyone will have one.

Ju1835d ago

"Just because the kinect comes with the x1 doesn't guarantee people are gonna buy kinect games"

... or developers will actually make games for it. So far, not much has changed. AAA games don't use it, and what's left is the regular "fitness" games.

Still, I'd like to see the Eye (or/and with PS Move) supported with the new batch of PS4 games but nothing has been announced or shown, yet.

The Cam is part of the dev kits, developers have full access to it. From that perspective, it's no excuse not to support it. I'd love to see it supported more and I am probably getting me one.

rainslacker1835d ago

Everything in the PSEye comes from Sony's camera division. The R&D costs are mostly tied into that. They make more money off games that sell on the device, and while most of us take a dim view of motion controls, despite recent support of it, there are plenty of people that like it for what it's worth. Most money with the PSEye is likely in the marketing department, and maybe software/tools development.

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for one that bullcrap about ms nabbing 100% of their install base is crap, they have not nabbed me with kinect so thats not 100%

sony are doing the right thing is my opinion. some of us are buying a console so we can play games, not skype chat or fiddle around with the dashboard.

it's great that kinect can do that but by focusing on it so much ms have lost my interest if anything.

MajorMayhem701835d ago

For every Xbox One sold a Kinect gets sold with it. That means 100% of its user base will have a Kinect. If you don't buy the Xbox one, your not a part of the user base.....

1OddWorld1835d ago

Seeing as the Hype for PS4 is so high I would say it will sell 3 to every 1 XBOne. And I think it would be a reasonable guess that 1 out of 3 people who buy the PS4 will also buy the PSEye. Which means that the install base will be very similar.

iamnsuperman1835d ago

I agree with you. Even though the kinect sold a lot it is still in the minority of sales. I think people would mess around with it for a few minutes then never ouch it again. At least the option is there for those who really want it

Pl4sm41835d ago

only kinda cool feature is having cross game/video chat .... apart from that, i prefer a stable network, games and game content . not the ps eye

GuyThatPlaysGames1835d ago

Nobody wants the POS PS Eye anyways.

MightyNoX1835d ago

My sister bought an Xbox for her kids. The Kinect was included in the bundle. I'm saddened that Ms and its cheerleaders thinks this proof that Kinect is popular. It just came with the box for them...they just wanted to play games and they never used it.

Rimeskeem1835d ago

Im honestly getting because of the features it has like voice recognition and the splitscreen stuff and all and only for 60$ now that awesome

kewlkat0071835d ago

"Sony Damages Future PS4 Sales By Downplaying PlayStation Eye"

So true, that "toy" will be an after thought..I hope they get rid of it cause surely they on't believe in it and neither will devs.

Put money into some new studios for the PS4's future.

BoriboyShoGUN1835d ago

Im buying the PS camera at launch! Mostly due to the fact that the original move controllers will work with it.

Bathyj1835d ago

Sony improved future/initial sales by not forcing you to buy a camera. That will likely become all to obvious after about a year and MS release a Kinectless Xbone.

Sony is asking you want you want.
MS is telling you.

obelix011835d ago

But if Sony was "forcing" the eye on everyone, it would be the coolest thing Eva!

rainslacker1835d ago

As a Sony fan, I can safely say that I do not want a PS camera. I may get one if they open up development for it since I currently develop for Kinect on the PC, but otherwise, I would use it for nothing worthwhile. In that vein, the only reason I have a Kinect now is that I develop for it, and it's likely the reason I will get the X1 if I can't purchase the camera separately.

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lnvisibleMan1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

The reality is the majority of consumers dont listen to pr surounding a console. For most consumers the price, one of the greatest factors when comes to buying hardware.

shoddy1835d ago

Price yes.

I would pay more for quality and if it's reasonable.

Overprice no thanks

Kingthrash3601835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

lol... sony has made the right choice...minus xbox exclusives the same 3rd party kinect enabled games will be on ps4...think tiger woods or 2k both have kinect/eyetoy features.
also arm movment gaming is not the future....kinect/eyetoy games are gimmicks anyway. not one great game among them.

paul-p19881834d ago

the ONLY game that was any good with motion controls was Resident Evil 5, i could spin round and shoot zombies faster than most people who were using a standard controller as the PS Move could aim where ever i wanted it to in a split second.

Other than that, my PS eye/move have collected dust for about a year now...

A few people i know who couldnt stop praising the kinect have barely used it since it came out, so MS is just looking at the hardware sales of it and assuming everyone loves it, when in reality not many people actually did...

Kingthrash3601834d ago

agreed....i never used it for re5...gunna dust it off and try it out.

Nitrowolf21835d ago

Eh, giving us the option not to have it is what's driving the sales, and it will continue to drive sales till the end. Sony will eventually bundle to eye if needed. I am glad they didn't include it, because I hate motion gimmicks and prefer the a controller with buttons.

DJMarty1835d ago

Simple Sony just bundles PSEYE with a game that uses PSEYE well and it will sell tons.

I'm buying at launch as it doubles a mic array.

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