Final Fantasy VI heading to iOS and Android this winter

GameDynamo - Over the last few years, Square Enix has re-released five of the classic entries of the Final Fantasy series

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Snookies121837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Oh look, yet another port of an old Final Fantasy game. Great... FFVI was my favorite game in the entire series, but I'm tired of even bringing up the word "remake" anymore with SE. Wouldn't be so bad if they'd let fans do these things. They clearly want to try and remake Square's older games, but always get ordered to stop. Total BS.

Scatpants1837d ago

I would buy this if they didn't charge something ridiculous like 18 bucks for it, which they will.

thekhurg1837d ago

I think it's funny that they're remaking/re-releasing pretty much every game except the one that nearly every single FF fan actually wants remade... Final Fantasy 7

Drithe1837d ago

I think they are saving the FF 7 remake for a rainy day. :)

adorie1837d ago

FFVII remake would bankrupt them in the middle of the development process. I don't think they can afford it!

MoveTheGlow1837d ago

They've had about ten rainy years- do they have to be staring down an apocalypse to make it happen?

mpafighter1837d ago

As much as the millions of fans want that, I think SE should do something that doesn't cost as much, such as getting Crisis Core and BBS on the PS store. I've been waiting for that since I got the vita.

EL Lanf1837d ago

They re-released it on steam a few months back. There had already been a PC version for over a decade though. Also FF6 > FF 7 IMO. I prefer the classical style ones I find it a shame only 9 went back to that in the 'main' series of FF.

Really, they don't need to re-release anything, just actually go back to making good, non-mmo, FF games.

porkChop1837d ago

I can't understand why something like this wouldn't go to the Vita with trophies and proper controls. It would probably be better received there.

meatnormous1837d ago

I would love to see this on vita with everything that was included in the gba release. My vita is kinda starved of titles right now and ff6 would fill that hole.

Summons751837d ago

that's cool....but it won't be the same like all the other ff on phones. No buttons takes away a lot =/ I'll stick to the snes/psn versions