Making Assassin's Creed 4: Part 2 - Uncharted Waters

IGN:See how devs recreated the Caribbean in the first open world Assassin's Creed. Part 2 of IGN's behind-the-scenes documentary shot on location in Montreal and Singapore.

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FullmetalRoyale1832d ago

There is about 0% new gameplay footage. However I am not complaining as I find these people(particularly the director) interesting.

I actually kind of like that he was visibly annoyed when mentioning that the big city required a loading screen.

I thought "Hmm I can respect that."

I'm so excited for this and Killzone come..... holy sh-

It's the tenth of October.

*slowly looks up from monitor*

My God...

osprey191832d ago

Well once developers get fully used to the new hardware we may well see games with close to no loading screens, this is only the beginning, we still have a decade of games to see. That's the most exciting part in my opinion

FullmetalRoyale1832d ago

Oh believe me, I'm with you on that.

That's the thought that always runs through my head when I see "next-gen" footage. Comparing the first Uncharted game to The Last of Us....

We are in for a hell of a ride!

JackISbacK1831d ago

there were little bit of new gameplay but this video focuses on making of waters and details of the open world which will be open to every body without any shitty loading screens ,but im waiting for part 3 that will focus on story of assassins that how edward became an assassin after being a pirate and will focus on land gameplay.

ZBlacktt1831d ago

New scenes in here most certainly shown. Great watch, waiting for number 3 now.