CGMagazine Reviews: Rain

On paper, Rain seems like the perfect, bite-sized puzzle-adventure game to bring to PSN. As a boy experiencing a fever dream in which he has turned invisible and can only be seen by others as well as himself when rain is falling down on him, the game’s central mechanic requires that the player wisely use the boy’s curse to avoid, outwit and defeat the creatures that stalk him. As the setting for this adventure is a rustic, early 20th Century Spanish town drenched in a constant evening downpour, the game presents the player with several interesting challenges. When under shelter (such as a roof or other structure), The Boy is invisible, but he is also invisible to the player, apart from the wet footprints his feet leave behind on the pavement or the ripples they create in deep water. The player must exercise caution in this state lest he or she accidentally maneuver The Boy into the path of a deadly beast. When sheltered,

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