Tesco Selling PS Vita 3G, 8GB Memory Card And Ten Games For Less Than £140

TSA writes: "With the recent PS Vita price drop, we had expected to see the system come down by about £50 on its own without any games and memory cards thrown into the mix, but Tesco are offering an unbelievable deal for the 3G version of the console."

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Pintheshadows1930d ago

And knowing Tesco's security it really could be.

Nabbic1930d ago

It's not too different to the Vita I had just over two months ago.
The mega pack comes with the memory card and all those games, and despite two being PSP games, it's worth it for Frobisher Says, LBP Vita and Wipeout... I got all that for £165-£170?

BattleReach1930d ago

Can't buy it. I need enough money for a PS4, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 and Killzone Shadow Fall.

djplonker1930d ago

I bought my vita wifi from there at launch

it cost £230 for the vita a 4gb memory card and fifa....

It was worth it just to play persona 4 though!

Pintheshadows1930d ago

I have Persona 4 waiting for an adequate bus journey. Can't wait.

djplonker1930d ago

It will have to be a long ass bus journey it took me 60 hours to finish it :p

Pintheshadows1930d ago

I'll play it over multiple 3 hour bus journeys. I only purchased it the other day.

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The story is too old to be commented.