This Is What Trophies Look Like on PlayStation 4

Not every PlayStation gamer cares about Trophies, but those that do are quite into them (I can relate). With Trophies now available on three PlayStation platforms – PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 – ardent, Trophy-hungry PlayStation fans have been curious about what Trophies look like on PlayStation 4 in particular. Today, we have an answer.

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Magnus1837d ago

Still love that chime every time a trophy pops up even have that chime as a text notice on my phone.

jukins1837d ago

I used the zedge app on my phone to get the killzone sound as a notification. Its funny how such a simple sound can be so gratifying ingame lol.

colonel1791837d ago

Shouldn't there be a picture of the trophy earned by its name? Is it going to be like that or is that just a placeholder?

KrisButtar1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I'm sure the white trophy icon is just a placeholder. Seeing as how the PS3 and Vita both show icons/pics

Edit: Still a guess though, but using a bit of logic

guitarded771837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

The article says that the trophy images aren't in the vesion of Knack they were playing. The trophy icons are just placeholders.

Skate-AK1837d ago

Yeah there will be a picture. That is just a place holder. I don't think they have even released the trophy list to AC4 yet.

Zeniix1837d ago

Can't lie that it does look better ^^

Jaqen_Hghar1837d ago

No different colors for different trophies? A man still likes the new look apart from that.

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The story is too old to be commented.