Samsung confirm R74 series HDTV is HDMI 1.3

Having queried how 10bit processing was possible along with 12.8 billion colours under the impression that the R74 series has a 1.1 HDMI connection the technical support representative confirmed the following:

HDMI connection is version 1.3

This is very good news considering that the PS3 supports the HDMI 1.3 connection which is known to be far superior to HDMI 1.1.

So anyone looking to pick up an R74 series or has one already and is looking forward to the PS3 should be delighted to know that their R74 has the 1.3 version of HDMI connectivity.

If you are interested to know what the big deal is with HDMI 1.3 check out this link :

As a request I have asked Samsung support to have it mentioned on their website to show that it has a 1.3 connection which will hopefully be updated very soon.

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BIadestarX4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

I think is great they are moving towards 1.3 HDMI, but it seems to me this Race will simply confuse more and more consumers. Most people don't know the difference between 1080i vs 1080P or even what HD-TV is, let alone why they should pick HDMI 1.3 over 1.1. Specially considering the fact that 95% of all the HD-TVs available right now for purchase DO NOT SUPPORT HDMI 1.3. For example, in order to take advantage of some of the features of 1.3 both the transmitter(i.e. blu-ray drive) and the reseaver (TV) must be HDMI 1.3. Everytime a new version of HDMI comes out and you want to take advantage of this; you must replace both your TV and any other device that's not have HDMI 1.x.
I have a feeling this may turn out to be a cunsumer's nightmare until HD-TV stay constant and stop changing so much.
Here is how fast HDMI is changing.

HDMI 1.1 - Released May 2004
HDMI 1.2 - Released August 2005
HDMI 1.2a - Released December 2005
HDMI 1.3 - Released 22 June 2006

As you can see, HDMI is far from being constant. Which is why even TV and devices being produced now are using 1.1 (Released May 2004). I believe the PS3 supporting 1.3 it's Sony strategy to sell their HD-TVs, since if you want to take full advantage of the PS3 display you must also own a TV that supports HDMI 1.3.

Jrocks_4_ever4461d ago

I need help on finding the best television for you know what is best?

BIadestarX4461d ago

Samsung all the way. I bough myself a panasonic and I regret my a** up! Samsung are great (which is why Microsoft uses them to display the 360 on retail stores) a friend of mine bough one and they are great for gaming or to simply plug your computer to it (Battle Field looks great on it). Also they support 1080P on components, HDMI, and VGA (Unlike Sony's). I heard Sony's HD-TV are also great, but not having 1080P Support for component or VGA (only HDMI) is a turn off for me since I like having the option. Also, Samsung are cheaper.

BIadestarX4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Yeah, I never said it was not. backwards compatible simply means you will get the lowest common denominator. If your TV is 1.3 and the device is 1.1 you will not get any of the feature 1.3 have. And if your TV is 1.1 and your device(blu-ray/HD-DVD) is 1.3 you get 1.1.
Bottom line everytime you buy a drive with a more recent HDMI version, you have to change your TV if you want to take advantage of that. What sucks about it; is that this will confuse the consumer. Some people will buy a player thinking that they will get the features indicated on the player's specs; not knowing that when they get home their TV has an older HDMI version and they are paying extra for something they will not be able to benefit from.
Take the PS3 HDMI port which is 1.3 while most TVs are using 1.1. I think only 2 TV in the market have 1.3 HDMI.

4me24461d ago

some people will buy new TVs in 1 or 2 years or even later. Not everything is about now.