Playstation 4 Eye Camera vs Kinect 2.0, Expanding The Virtual Living Room

Both next gen consoles are bringing with them new hardware that's going to enhance the way we play games, but how do they compare? Kinect has already helped us interact with games on a more personal level, and in the past, Eye Toy has allowed gamers to play with their hands and bodies as well, but what's going to come in the next few months?

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malokevi1837d ago

What a... comprehensive comparison.

xHeavYx1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

"Personally I think that Kinect 2.0 is going to give you the better experience, simply because I've used Kinect, and it's really useful"
Wow, just wow.
I could care less about a camera or voice commands, but I have to say that not a lot of detailed info has been released regarding the PS Eye.
At the end of the day, they are both just gimmicks that won't do much to change the gaming experience.

I'm not pessimistic or optimistic, if there was a groundbreaking feature that would make the PS camera or Kinect a must have, both Sony and MS would be talking about it a lot. What have we heard so far? One will use the lightbar on your controller and the other one lets you yell at it to switch to TV.
If you know any groundbreaking features related to gaming (I don't know about other people, but I personally buy a gaming console to game, not to play music, watch TV and other stuff) please let me know

darthv721837d ago

"they are both just gimmicks that won't do much to change the gaming experience"

you say that now but why not just be optimistic and try the new and improved pieces first?

malokevi1837d ago

Heavy doesn't like change. Or novelties. Or videogames.

xHeavYx1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Malokevi tries too hard to be funny. I wish you would spend your energy explaining how the PS Eye and Kinect are novelties

Kayant1837d ago


I agree with Heavy personally because motion gaming doesn't really offer a *hardcore* experience.

Let's review all new things we have seen with kinect 2.0.

In DR3 it uses surrounding noise in-game to alert zombies. Now a don't see majority of people using this busy it you game in a quiet area then it becomes useless because you have to make noise for it to work. Now if you game in a room with noise there it could become annoying if the area noise is too constant.

BF4 XB1 & Warthunder PS4 are head tracking. Ok this can be pretty good but we will have to wait to see how it works in practice.

In Kinect rivals it uses a scan for your character model. We know that may not work too well all the time e.g Major nelson.

Like Heavy said there isn't anything substantial that both add to gaming IMO.

darthv721837d ago

@heavy...that is why i said you need to be optimistic. Or in this minded (seeing as you are neither optimistic or pessimistic).

All good things take time to mature. We have had 2 generations from Sony where they werent as forthcoming in support of their camera as they could have been. So while the eyetoy and pseye could be deemed gimmicks....

this time out, sony has the chance to change that. Or had the chance seeing as the lack of the camera being a regular pack in with each unit was turned down.

for anything to be accepted, it must first be embraced by the parent company. it shows a sense of support that provides the consumer with the feeling that it isnt an afterthought or waste of time and energy.

Ms is wanting to make something of kinect. by including it in every package they are sending a message to all consumers that its there and will be supported from the smallest inclusion in an app to the most dedicated development of a game made just for it.

i believe sony wants to do the same. After 2 previous efforts they really want this to be their '3rd time is the charm' approach. In order for the groundbreaking experiences to happen, they must first learn to incorporate the tiniest of things into the games and apps that will want to make consumers get the camera.

You just have to have a little bit of faith that they will delivery those experiences in time.

malokevi1837d ago

ya gotta make yourself laugh, ya know?

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DJMarty1837d ago

They forgot PSEYE is 60FPS, yet Kinect 2 is still crappy 30FPS.

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MiHX21837d ago

You know that most of the time,the human eye sees at 20fps?Then it's kind of useless.

theXtReMe11837d ago

True, but the PS Camera is doing 60fps @ 1280 x 800p, Kinect 2 is 1080p @ 30fps... The PS camera doesn't support 1080p.

I imagine, in the scheme of things, that resolution matters more than frame rate with 3-D motion capture. I'm guessing that Kinect 2 will be better at capturing more intricate motion and offer more functions. Though I don't think the PlayStation camera was ever meant for more than basic functions and some basic control. I think Sony realizes that any of these devices are just add-ons to games and will never take full control of them. Even controlling the system menus is cumbersome with motion cameras. The only thing I am interested in with them is real time voice recognition and intelligent response. Which is still many years away from happening in a way that will allow us to speak to in game characters and have them respond intelligently about subjects that have nothing to do with the onscreen action.

Let's face it, while both of these cameras are kind of cool add-ons. My Kinect went into the closet about two weeks after I bought it and has never left. So, to me, I could care less which one is more powerful. Because I guarantee I will play around with the functions, but never use them to their full potential. And I imagine a lot of gamers feel the same way.

I'll play with the PlayStation Room software and probably use the head tracking in war thunder, but I am not going to get up off my chair and play any game with it. Even in their advanced states, I guarantee there will be lag that will keep them from realizing their lofty goals.

MiHX21836d ago

The human eye can reach better,(I know that was a stupid one)But there is no need,I didn't see any lag in Kinect.

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Spinal1837d ago

I tend to think of this comparison as The Turd Sandwich vs The Douche.

All this motion crap just doesn't spark any slight interest to me.

thejigisup1837d ago

Wow, that was dirty information than I could handle

Ihaka1837d ago

Im glad Sony hasn't made as big of a deal about their cam as MS.
Motion capture is not the future of gaming I'd like to see, Im fine with what we have now.

Play games with a control, not waving your hand above your head