PS4, Xbox One Are Not Worth More Than $300

I am generous to suggest the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are even worth $300. Many gamers who might disagree with me have not only invested their money; they’ve invested their hearts. Accusations of nostalgia about video games are rampant, especially when we talk about Mario and Zelda games. But the gaming community, which certainly includes journalists, seems relatively unaware of its nostalgia for overpriced video game consoles.

-Jed Pressgrove, Fate of the Game

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bigboirock1837d ago

nothing is worth what there asking price is..but how do you think company make there money i know for damn sher that there not going to do it just to break even

black0o1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

''I am generous to suggest the new consoles ... are even worth $300''
stopped reading

RyuCloudStrife1837d ago

how the f!ck does this get approved? No sh!t dirtbag the PS4 and XBONE cost way less to make then what they are selling for, ITS HOW SONY AND M$ MAKE MONEY- NO BIG SECRET.

deep_fried_bum_cake1837d ago

The guy has no idea what he's talking about. He cites cross gen games as proof of a small gap between generations. It's pretty stupid of him to think that the PS3/360 games will be the same as the PS4/One games.

Also he must be on crack if he thinks there's a small difference between consoles which make use of 512mb of RAM and ones that make use of 8gb.

Concertoine1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

The reason this would be significant is because sony has historically taken a loss on every console at launch, ps1 ps2 and ps3. The ps3 cost $800 dollars to manufacture and sold for 600. The original xbox was a powerhouse and sold at a big loss, the 360 also lost a ton of money for every console sold. They make money back on software sales and when the console starts selling for a profit.
I doubt this article due to the power of the ps4, and sony mentioned a loss i believe

wsoutlaw871837d ago

Ok this article is actually bad. There was not even any supporting facts except " i dont see a big gap". He talks about tring to define worth and never follows through. There was no need for this article, it could be just one sentence.

s8anicslayer1837d ago

And I suppose high end PC graphics cards are worth $1000? I am no fanboy but I highly object to his opinion!

EXVirtual1837d ago

And a GTX Titan is worth more than $1000? Just like all the other high end graphics cards? You can't expect a company to sell things at a huge loss.

Nyxus1837d ago

"I advise anyone who has pre-ordered either system to sell your pre-order."

Uhm, how about no?

DanielGearSolid1837d ago

Isnt the ps4 being sold at a loss?

Technically that means it is atleast worth 400... Right?

Lunarassassin1837d ago

I think i read in an article a couple of weeks ago that sony are making around $25 on each console.

Kleptic1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

yep...The PS4 is Sony's first ever console to sell at a profit...rumored, anyway...

thank the Nintendo Wii for that...MS and Sony both lost money on every console sold last gen, and Nintendo laughed all the way to the bank...with a gimmicky toy...

although, i've seen articles in both directions...some sites still claim the PS4 will cost about $450 each to make through the end of not entirely sure...whatever it is, its definitely not the $200+ loss the PS3 gave, per unit...

gwumper9871837d ago

No sony is losing money on every console

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The story is too old to be commented.