Did You Hear the Three Biggest Rumors regarding GTA V PC?

From the very recent leak from Eurogamer, to PC Gamer's Intel Interview and our very own source, it appears one thing is confirmed: GTA V will be coming to PC, its just a question of when.

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TheEnigma3131887d ago

I can wait for the PC version. I want those sweet mods.

crimsonfox1887d ago

I can't wait for the PC version. So we can stop getting these kinds of articles and these (sometimes obnoxious) PC gamers can finally shut up about it. As a person who loves games I really want PC gamers to enjoy GTA V aswell, But holy hell they can be an annoying bunch.

And i'm sure after they get it they still might complain that its a cheap port -_-

Audiggity1887d ago

I'm playing GTA V on 360 now... but, I'd pay $200 for a PC version. I consider myself a PC gamer moreso than console. I made an exception and blew the dust off the 360 for GTA V.

Trust me, the vast majority of whining/annoying comments come from console gamers. It's probably a 10 to 1 ratio of console to PC preference on N4G considering their PC coverage is quite limited.

I love GTA V... but, I hate playing it on such archaic/limiting hardware. That being said, Rockstar did an absolutely amazing job considering what they had to work with. The pinnacle of the current console generation. Hands down.

Now a much better version just needs to come out for PC, with the option to share your saved games/GTA Online characters, and we'll be good to go.

sinclaircrown1887d ago

They're only annoying (to you) if you click them and read them, then read the comments.

There's a real easy fix to ensure you not be annoyed by these anymore.

crimsonfox1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )


I play it on PS3 so I wouldn't be able to comment on the gameplay for the 360 version. I don't mean to say console gamers don't complain I'm talking about the PC gamers who complain about GTA V. Eveytime i go on the R* news wire or any article there is at least 2 - 5 new comments on the PC "issue" I'm 100% certain it'll go to PC sooner than later. All i'm saying is the complaining is out of hand.

P.S. I realize the irony of me complaining about complaining -_-

EDIT: @sinclaircrown
Sometimes they are unavoidable. I have some free time and thought I would voice my opinion on the matter. All I'm saying is "I can't wait for the PC version"

Grave1887d ago

Umm how, bout a RDR + GTA V bundle yo!

kB01887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Ok, Ubisoft is lazy and port and so is activision.

Rockstar trumps them in terms of lazy ports or ports all together.

Let's just be happy that we're getting GTA 5 and don't need a 5000$ computer to run it like GTA 4 (what a terrible port!). Red dead could seriously be done through a GTA 4 mod if people were dedicated enough, the game has pretty much the same mechanics.

GTA 5 released and decently optimized and I'm happy.

Grave1887d ago

Oh ya I didnt even think of that. I really hope RDR gets modded into a full conversion, that would be sick!!

KazHiraiFTW1887d ago

The Max Payne 3 port was superb. R* is showing some respect to PC gamers now.

kB01887d ago

Max payne 3 was released along side the consoles...and it was announced for the PC since the beginning.

GTA 4, l.a Noire (although Rockstar North played small role) all were annouced several months later and were never announced during the actual development process.

Also Max payne 3 was worked on by Vancouver Division, Both GTAs are worked on by Rock North

KazHiraiFTW1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Not really seeing your point. Rockstar spent the resources for a great Max Payne 3 port after a shitty GTA4 port. GTA5 was worked on by over 1000 ppl and the GTA4 port was like 5 years ago. I think we can expect a lot better from R* this time.

And LA Noire was not developed by Rockstar

kB01887d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Yes I stated that Rockstar didn't do L.a I said they had minor role.

My point is time passed doesn't always mean much. It's been what 7 years since console releases yet we still see bad ports? If rockstar doesn't want to dedicate it's resources and keep making money they could just choose to do so. They already made their money from consoles and then some.

You put so much blind faith in a company that doesn't give much more than a rat's ass about you lol.

We could, with all realstically get a shoddy port, there is nothing stopping them, and I gaurantee you..ppl will still buy the game, love it and upgrade their pcs:)

They could always partner with a company like Nvidia and Crytek did, and false a requirement to improve your system, then release patch 1.1 for Crysis and fix the frame rate issues:)

I'm hoping we see what we saw in sleeping dogs, butter smooth:)

KazHiraiFTW1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Dude think about it. Its obvious they spend more resources on PC now. Rockstar has grown a lot in the half decade since GTA4. Yes they do care about PC its a big customer base. To say they don't care because they already made lots of money on consoles is just juvenile. Who wouldnt want more money? Why you so bitter towards them. I would go so far to say GTA5 will have a sweet high resolution texture pack and great mod tools day 1. And it will run butter smooth.

kB01885d ago

Don't confuse bitter with realistic, and don't confuse juvenile with the truth.

Your putting your faith in a corportion that is driven by the market, not loyalty.

They know their game will sell no matter what, why put the effort into making it super optimized?

Look at Dark Souls, they knew they had a HUGE following, and were begged by PC gamers to port it over, and we got barebones...I mean BARE BONES.

I'm being realistic and assuming the worst. Your making up facts and are blinded by your love of the company.

I like to assume the worst and be surprised by the good, instead of wanting the best and receiving the worst:)

You say the company has "grown" since then and they spent more resources, yet the same situations are happening. Delayed PC and the same style of marketing..Making matters worse is they STATE NO PC NEWS AT ALL....what PC resources are you even talking about? They make ZERO mention of PC....again just pulling facts out of your behind. The only reason we know it's coming is because A)All GTAs made it to PC B) Nvidia made a slip C) certain leaks. Other than that the company makes not nudge of news about PC or development time...And if they think the 6 months is enough time to port and optimize this game....GTA 4 would say otherwise.

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NarooN1887d ago

RDR won't come to PC because the Rockstar studio who made it never planned for a PC version to exist. It was only meant for PS3 and 360.

kB01887d ago

It's happening, we just don't know when:)

GTA 5 not coming to PC is like saying there is only night, no day. Makes no sense.

Thats^ how sure I am it's coming. Problem is I want it now!

Ohlmay1886d ago

The consoles really don't do this game justice. It's this beautiful open world that's ruined by the low frame rate, low resolution and texture pop ins, it's a shame. Still a fantastic game and I love it, but this game deserves to be shown on powerful hardware (e.g. PC/PS4/XB1)