Top 10 Weapons in GTA V

With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto 5, there are tons of cools things to cover in the game. But, we all know we love destruction and shooting things up, so let’s check out the top 10 weapons in GTA V.

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dieforgame1931d ago

The one in the thumbnail is the best for everything. right? :) Have to kill a lot....

djplonker1931d ago

My favourite way to kill someone is by bailing on them jump and A or X nothing is funnier than seeing trevor flying motorboat a woman to death!

Yodagamer1931d ago

Heck i just jump off stuff with it rag doll effects ftw! XD

Wni01931d ago

The biggest weapon is YOU. Because right after this you will murder innocent people in real life.

dieforgame1931d ago

I real life? WOw.. we never talk each other... just get out :P hehe!