Journey coming to PS4

Journey will be on PS4 but no details as of when.

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JimmyLmao1838d ago

sweet! i was almost going to get it for PS3, glad it's coming to PS4 =)

rambi801838d ago

i hope flower comes as well

zeroskie1838d ago

i believe that's already been confirmed. Flower for PS4

DOMination-1838d ago

Its been confirmed. I never played either because I hate the dualshock3 and its taken me a long time to trust Sony again with buying stuff online.

However, I have not been excited by next gen so far. Resogun and Rime are my most wanted (AAA games look boring to me so far imo) and now these two jumped right up to the top.

GribbleGrunger1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Guys, it's a mistake. This is about Flower. Read the rest of the conversation.

"Oops, was talking about Flower, not Journey. Looks like I misread @GamingOblivion's question. Sorry guys!"

Nabbic1838d ago

You're bringing it to the PS4 but not Vita?
Still, it was a masterpiece, would be good with better visuals.

rambi801838d ago

there's always remote play

Acquiescence1838d ago

It was already visually flawless on the PS3. The mind boggles.

Conzul1838d ago

They should try to put it in 4k.

Preemptive "screw you" for disagrees.

DOMination-1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

PS4 doesnt support 4k gaming but it would have been beautiful

Xsilver1838d ago

yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssss i wanna see this in NExt gen graphics hell yeah.

GribbleGrunger1838d ago

They're talking about Flower, NOT Journey.

patsrule3161838d ago

YESSS! I had XB360 and no PS3 this gen but will go PS4 next gen, and I have heard so many good things about this game that I was hoping there would be a PS4 version. It is one I will get.

Nabbic1838d ago

Don't look into the game at all. Don't even look at YouTube videos, reviews, just forget about it until you can play it.
It was a beautiful and hugely emotional experience, though it didn't feel as good as it should have felt because I already knew what was going to happen from the moment I picked up the controller. Something like Journey is best experienced without knowing anything about it.

That being said, it was hands down, the best indie game of gen 7.

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The story is too old to be commented.