Do new games still supply replay value?

PspBlogger reports:
''Finally that long awaited preorder arrives! You tear away on the annoying courier packaging, remove the plastic wrapper with your grinding teeth, gaze at the front cover for a few seconds, flip open the casing, and finally slam the UMD in your PSP. This is what happened to most gamers who bought themselves a copy of God of War PSP.''

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futureant3885d ago

Some games that I've gone back to play again are few and far between. They are mostly ones that either involve other people i.e. multiplayers, or they've evoked something enjoyable where just experiencing the game is enough to make me happy.

Downloading retro games that I used to play voraciously I found that the spark that was once there has gone. Yet even games that are played once usually have a 'repay' value when they get traded in for the latest shiny new thing. Hooray for trade-ins!