RGN Daily News #61: GTA Online Complete Experience This Weekend

Jon of RealGamerNewz writes, "GTA Online has seen its fair share of user issues since the "MMO-ish" multiplayer portion of the world's fastest selling entertainment product rolled out a few weeks ago, largely due to simply too many people connecting at once. There's been the slight annoyance of mission disconnects, down to the loss and recent restoration of characters, as well as the removal of the ability for players to exploit fast cash without skill-based behavior. But now, as millions of gamers have helped Rockstar Games work out the GTA Online kinks, we are about to see the GTA Online experience complete without speed-bumps for the first time in a quick and clean turnaround time since its original release. Other topics of the RGN Daily News #61 will include the recent Xbox ONE Achievement Kinect Capture fiasco and more."

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