Respawn: We're staying independent, no purchase by EA or anyone else in 'near future'

Respawn, developer of TitanFall, says that they want to stay an independent studio for the near future and don't want to be purchased by anyone.

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byeGollum1833d ago

good for them.. they could use a little breathing room. . after their experience with Activision

P0werVR1833d ago


They were never part of Activision.

mrbojingles1833d ago

Respawn is a studio formed by and mostly comprised of former Infinity Ward employees. With the huge scandal that happened with IW after West/Zampella left they likely don't want to go back to being owned by someone again.

malokevi1833d ago

Titanfall is widely regarded as the spiritual successor to COD. The similarities are clear... it is an FPS, after all.

But, that's basically where the similarities end.

This is one of my favorite quotes:

"This game is basically the creators of Modern Warfare sticking two fingers up to Activision and saying ‘here’s what happens next.’ "


As an FPS junky, that sends chills down my spine.

P0werVR1833d ago


Yes I understand that, but Resawn as a whole were never part of Activision. And those employees weren't just "employees", but were major developers of COD.

Not arguing or anything, just stating that Respawn is a whole new company.

Godmars2901833d ago

"Not arguing or anything, just stating that Respawn is a whole new company."

Who's employees once worked, and were shafted by, Activision.

hazardman1832d ago

You are right Respawn never were part of Activision. Respawn never existed til after West and Zampella split from Activision so Power is right.

That being said im pretty sure them being from a dev team that was owned by Activision probably left a sour taste in their mouth and dont want to go thru the same shit again!!

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WeAreLegion1833d ago

Good to hear. This is a talented team. It'll be nice for everyone to be able to experience their games.

DanielGearSolid1833d ago

Anyone know the details of their contract with EA?

What good is being independent if EA decides what console your game will be exclusive to...