Are ‘premium’ versions of games a shameless rip-off? OPM debate collector’s editions

OPM: What side of the line do you fall on when it comes to special editions of games? Great value for the loyal fan or a shameless way of squeezing more cash from gamer’s pockets? Here are four of team OPM to weigh the merits of collector’s editions.

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NYC_Gamer1836d ago

Its up to the customer at the end of day to decide what's value in their eyes

Vitalogy1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Rip off or not, people always have the final word by voting with their wallet, noboby's forcing anyone to buy anything.

In my honest opinion I think there just milking cows and the only reason they exist is because people spend money on them otherwise there wouldn't be any (probably).

1836d ago
gaelic_laoch1836d ago

2 Categories of People

1. People with more money than sense
2. People whom have a genuine interest in collector editions

rainslacker1835d ago

Then you have the ones that think they can turn around and make a profit off these.

That's not usually the case though. Most collector's editions go down in value pretty quick.

brish1835d ago

3. people with money and have sense
4. people without money and no sense
5. people without interesting in collectors editions
6. people who wait for the completed edition

... etc

RexFury1836d ago

Not really. If the consumer wants to spend their money on collectors editions, then that's their choice. They know how much it costs when purchasing it.

crazysammy1836d ago

They are not a ripoff. A ripoff insinuates some form of fraud in the transaction. They are offering a product at a certain dollar amount. If you are a big fan with lots of money congrats.

My only complaint with collectors editions recently is that they are not at all limited, and often times are just as or more common than the standard game. If I pay extra I want cool things but I want limited quantities so it holds its value in the future.

ianblake1836d ago

that depends of the content

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1836d ago

Not really. It's up to us to determine it's value. Personally, I rarely buy games because I have a very selective tastes. But the games I do buy, I generally get the collectors edition due to artbook or statues. I don't buy CEs that are dlc only stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.