Forza Motorsport 5: Hands On, Assists Off – A Hardcore Perspective (Lazygamer)

Forza Motorsport 5 has received a lot of buzz since its first unveiling as one of the upcoming Xbox One’s most important launch titles. We’ve seen promises of amazing visuals, stunning car models, clever SkyNet powered A.I and more.

Now, while the majority of gamers are taking a good look at what’s on the carbon-fibre-weaved surface of Forza’s next-gen instalment, hard-core Forza fans, petrol-heads and racer-junkies are more concerned with what’s happened where it matters most… under the hood.

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Darranged1861d ago

Vibrating triggers. Makes the biggest difference.

creeping judas1861d ago

I can't wait to feel the brake vibration through the left trigger!! However, I do wish that I could afford a nice racing wheel set near lunch date but it's not in the books.

Boody-Bandit1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

A hardcore perspective of Forza 5 while using a controller and not an FFB wheel. SMH

But it was a well written and informative article with a lot of detail.

BootyBandit1861d ago

But those triggers. I mean those triggers. Did he mention those triggers? ;)

You're not rocking with the hardcore on a controller. I couldn't agree more. If these guys took GT or Forza out for a spin on a good FFB setup they blown away vs a traditional controller regardless of how good the added feedback is on the X1 controller. I just hope Turn 10 added a little something extra to the feedback on wheels for guys like us.

ElleGee1861d ago

We absolutely would have - except there isn't an available steering wheel for the Xbox One yet.

creeping judas1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Both Thrustmaster and Madcatz has announced wheels for the X1. Personally I would go with the Thrustmaster because of the quality.
Edit - and so has Fanatec

ElleGee1861d ago

They key word is *available* They're not out.

Hicken1861d ago

Are the assists actually really off this time?

Hicken1861d ago

Last time out, the assists were still on, even when they were supposed to be off.

If Forza's gonna be a sim, it's gotta do that right, right?

Animal Mutha 761861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

I always play Forza with the assists off, steering simulation etc but I found the lap of Laguna Seca in the Ferrari F12 on the Forza 5 demo at EGX quite tricky to say the least.

Essentially I went straight off at the first bend! the rumble triggers are quite strong and I just lost it under braking.

Yes I know that a controller is not hardcore but I don't have a room for a wheel in my living room and actually I'm pretty handy with a pad. I win many online races and a lot of my lap times on the leader boards are in the top 1-3% and I don't use the cheat cars before anyone says that. I fu*-ing hate people who use a lotus or Porsche 997 in every race - you know who you are!

F5 day one for me. Looking forward to mastering it.

Edit: lol at the disagrees from the Lotus/Porsche fan club.

HugoDrax1861d ago

"a lot of my lap times on the leader boards are in the top 1-3%"

Nice! I love racing games, and fell in love with them when I mastered Ridge Racer during the arcade days :-). It was the first time I learned about drifting lol. Anyhow, I absolutely loved Forza 3, and didn't get to play Forza 4 or Horizon due to attending graduate school. I can't wait for the 22nd, because Forza 5 was the first game I pre ordered. Less than 45 days now till we get our hands on these next gen consoles.

robotgargoyle1861d ago

I know what he means "flattening the accellerator into turns" with a lesser/ older car with little consequence.

Maybe Forza 5 will force me to re-learn how I race. Improved physics!

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