Persona 4: Golden Surpasses 300,000 Shipments in Japan

Today Atlus announced that Persona 4: Golden surpassed 300,000 shipments in Japan, including both the retail and download version.

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Blank1834d ago

This game deserves more sales! Not that this number is nothing to scoff at and its speaking about japan only. I just want everyone worldwide to play this masterpiece of a game.

G20WLY1834d ago

Well said, it really is a stunning game and anyone 'not sure' should definitely take a leap of faith - they won't be disappointed. :)

MartinB1051834d ago

I couldn't agree more. I wasn't sure, but I took a chance and I was hooked from the moment I started watching the intro. Persona 4 Golden is the only game that I've ever put 85 hours into.

Icarus_High1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

@ MartinB105
Only 85?

MasterCornholio1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I really want to platinum this game but i have a problem with an achievement.

Guess which one it is?

And no it isnt the avid reader one because thats easy to get as long as you dont miss the books from the sports clubs.

P.S Avid Reader and Hardcore Rissette are the ones i have left.

Nabbic1834d ago

I've put 105 hours into two playthroughs, and I still need to do a third playthrough if I want to fight Margaret.
And despite disliking trophies/achievements, if for any reason I wanted to platinum it, I would be required to do a fourth playthrough... That's another 100 potential hours.

MartinB1051834d ago


I actually did start a second playthrough, so it was over 100 hours really, but I got distracted when I bought Hatsume Miku and then Rayman Legends. :p

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Protagonist1834d ago

I believe P4G is close to 500.000 worldwide, so congrats to Atlus and the Persona team and a CHEER for PS Vita gamers.

PS buy Persona 3 Portable (my fav persona game)

G20WLY1834d ago

P3P is very good.

Did you click through and read the first comment on the page? I wonder what on Earth he meant?! Very odd thing to say... :/

Protagonist1834d ago

I did and some people unfortunately shares his opinion. I´ve argumented several times why P3P´s click/point is a releaf compared to the tedious running around in P3 and P4/G, + being able to control every character during battle in P3P makes it the definitive version for me and the story is so much better than P4/G, not to forget the replay value with the exclusive female protagonist in P3P.

Buy P3P and P4G for your Vita´s people ;)

himdeel1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

P3Porable was my entry into the series via the Vita and it is still an amazing game. Golden continues as an excellent addition to the Persona series.

Worse part of the game is not having the time to play it.

Protagonist1834d ago

I know what you mean, I´m thinking about going a 3rd round with P3P and a second with P4G, but that is more than 160 hours of gameplay in addition with some of the other games I`m playing at the moment (+ being on N4G and other gaming forums).

Gaming is luxury but some games just deserves the time;)

Chrono1834d ago

It shows that this isn't really that popular. DQ games easily sell 3mil+.

ajames3471834d ago

Atlus games would never sell that amount because they're far more niche than Square Enix games and Altus is a much smaller company. You can't compare the two.

The sales for Persona 4 Golden are actually excellent for Altus's standards.

izumo_lee1834d ago

The DQ franchise has been around since 1986. That is 27 years to gather the huge following that it has deservedly garnered.

To compare an established franchise from one of the biggest JRPG makers in the industry to a series that is much more niche from a smaller development studio like Atlus is a pretty desperate attempt my friend.

Chrono1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Megami Tensei started in 1987, but no game in the entire franchise sold half a million copies in Japan.

izumo_lee1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

The Megami Tensei series is split into different games. The Persona series began in 1996 on the original PS.

Sure DQ may be much more popular but those games are much more easier to get into with a more lighthearted theme to them. If you have ever played a Persona game you will know it is much more mature in its content & themes, much more complicated, harder to get into.

As you can tell from my avatar i am a HUGE fan of the Persona side of the Megami Tensei series. I love it with a passion. It doesn't mean that i don't think the same for DQ (i think DQ 8 is one of the best JRPGs ever made!) but to say a game isn't as popular as another doesn't mean it isn't as good.

SoulSercher6201833d ago

Okay. And? Does it have to be the most popular to be successful?

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ninjahunter1834d ago

I am the 0.003% or something like that X_X Its too early for math, im going back to bed.

TongkatAli1833d ago

Dragon's Crown did those numbers in a week 0 0

Still, good job Atlus!