ShopTo and Tesco break Pokémon X & Y street date

Nintendo Insider writes:

ShopTo and Tesco have become the latest retailers to break the street date for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, the consequence of which being that The Pokémon Company may never again consider a worldwide launch for the series.

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Kamikaze1351838d ago

I'm sure Japanese retails break street dates, too.

rajman1838d ago

Some who ordered from Shopto got theirs today because it was shipped yesterday (Wednesday) as 1st class delivery is 1-2 days, so they were the lucky one and the others will get their on Friday...still before release day right? Well thats because Nintendo chose a stupid day to release the game....a SATURDAY!!!! Why choose a weekend day? Where Royal Mail (which Shopto uses) does not guarantee delivery on a Saturday.
Shopto made the right call, if they had dispatched orders today or Friday, then alot of customers wouldnt get their copies until Monday and thus Shopto getting alot of unhappy customers.
Was it so hard for Nintendo to release it a day earlier? on a Friday?

MajorLazer1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

..and no one cared :)

Blastoise1838d ago

Ordered mine at Tesco today, said the estimated delivery was for the 14th

Half-Mafia1838d ago

My brother got it yesterday from Tesco Direct.

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