Sony Japan Studio's PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Will Be Showcased at Jump Festa in December

Sony released quite a lot of information and screenshots of SCE Japan Studio's PS Vita exclusive action RPG Freedom Wars, then went completely under the radar, without uttering a single word about the game for quite a while. Today it was announced that the game will be on show at Jump Festa.

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Acquiescence1931d ago

if it didn't look like yet another Monster Hunter clone for the Vita. I want to see a Vita JRPG from SCE Japan Studio that's less MH and more Legend of Dragoon. Y'know, something grand and ambitious. Something that feels like an adventure.

sinncross1931d ago

You think this wont feel like an adventure?

Seriously, this has gameplay elements MH doesnt have.
1) Every player can have an AI partner.
2) you capture ppl caught inside the creautes
3) Players who return the captured person have to be defended by other players.
4) You have a hook vine that allows you to fight vertically and not just horizontally.

I think this game looks great. And Sony do have a JRPG for PSV with Oreshika 2.

Abriael1931d ago

It really has nothing to do with Monster Hunter besides the fact that you fight monsters, like in 99.9% of the JRPGs out there.

snitch_puck1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

True what these^ guys said. Quit comparing it to MH and just enjoy the game, will you?

edit: sorry, this was supposed to be in reply to the first comment.

Inception1931d ago

If you think this game as one of Monster Hunter clone, than Monster Hunter IS a Phantasy Star Online clone.

tiffac0081931d ago

You know Sega is doing it wrong when everything is being called a Monster Hunter clone rather than a Phantasy Star Online one.

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tubers1931d ago

Sony has OreShika 2 a more traditional RPG and by default, a lot less MH.

"Grand and ambitious". Yeah I'd like Sony to try that for a non hunting/arpg game other than Oreshika.

As far as being an MH clone, doesn't seem to be a bad one so far at (8 MP for a handheld, verticality, dismemberment, incapacitate, cover system). Seems closer to GE tho.

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Protagonist1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


Does not feel like a MH clone to me...not at all actually...same thing said about SS, that game did not even resemble of MH, other than fighting against big "monsters".

And, I said it before and I will say it again..."MH series are not even that good".

nope1111931d ago

I think we can say Monster Hunter created a genre.... a monhun type i like to call it, Soul Sacrifice, God Eater, and Ragnarok oddessy falls into this category. They're similar gameplay wise, but are unique enough to differentiate itself from the others.

nope1111931d ago

Anyway, been looking for more info on this, looks badass.

They should change the name though.

imXify1931d ago

"I was afraid they had canceled it...."

Wat ?

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