Snow White Is In Soul Sacrifice Delta, Here’s What She Looks Like Before Turning Into A Monster

The monsters in Soul Sacrifice were once humans, but desire corrupted their souls and turned them into horrendous creatures. Soul Sacrifice Delta incorporates characters from Grimm’s fairy tales and Snow White is in the game. (New images added)

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Protagonist1836d ago

Soul Sacrifice slowly turning out to be a classic! and what support (now series) it gets... getting hyped! again!

snitch_puck1836d ago

This kind of uniqueness in art and style, my friend, is what made me love and still play Soul Sacrifice ever since the very day it was released.

dragonyght1836d ago

its a good start for series. all the have to do now is keep improving on it and it will pick up a followig fan base

GdaTyler1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Possibly the next Monster Hunter?(In terms of popularity) Until it reaches Soul Sacrifice 3 of course.

izumo_lee1836d ago

The world is full of fairy tales that can be used as subject matter in this game. So as long as Keiji Inafune & Sony want to contiinue this series there will be material available for it to create.

GdaTyler1835d ago

He expressed his interest in it being a series on the Vita so you're in luck bro.

kwiksilver991836d ago

is soul sacrifice delta a sequel ? or just an enhanced version of the original?

dcj05241836d ago

Enhanced with several new gameplay elements.They said soul Sacrifice 2 is coming in spring 2015.

GdaTyler1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

It's a new story, like a spinoff. However, Soul Sacrifice 2 will be the next installment in the main series. I was so psyched when I heard that SS2 was in talks. *_*

kwiksilver991835d ago

great.then i'll just wait for this to drop instead of picking up soul sacrifice.:)

Protagonist1835d ago

We´ll probabably not getting before summer 2014, so you might get it now, the free dlc and the game itself is worth it.

kwiksilver991835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

summer 2014!!!
guess i will pick it up after all.thanks for the info