Dan Houser: 'We protect our IP, not exploit it'

Variety's The Cut Scene has just posted up an extended version of its recent interview with Rockstar Games' Dan Houser, and highlights include his explanation of the Take Two label's attitude towards that favourite developer topic, IP.

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SUP3R3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Excellent interview....extremely long, but really good
Dan Houser ROCKS!
So down to earth.
I like their "if it can be done, do it!" attitude.
Don't worry DH, I'll be playing your game and enjoying every minute of it, just as you intended.

Also, it's looks as if they're not even sure what the DLC will be at this point.
So I can't understand why all the hype around it if R* themselves aren't sure what it is.
They've only talked about what it could be possible.
As he mentioned in the interview their main focus right now is GTAIV then Midnight Club then DLC.

As for now, GTAIV FTW!

Maldread3833d ago

Agreed, a great read.

Wish more companies had Rockstar`s approach. I`m sure a lot of companies would`ve just released the game around christmas last year and cashed in, but i`m glad they didn`t. Hope it will pay off for them in the end (i`m sure it will though hehe).

NO_PUDding3833d ago

I agree. So down to earth, and not clever, but certianly a nice guy who knows what he's doing. The cultural references I knew from the start were books for this one.

American dream and the recession coming all points to a Steinbeck like game.

Clever guy anyway, and I think that he's implying that storage is more important. Everythign here just seems to fit with Sony's approach to GTA IV. Keepign quiet lettign the agme sell itself.

Whereas Microsoft is gogin against the ethos of the game totally. And DLC is just an experiment. I think it's not looking up for the 360. I really don't.

Everyone disagrees I guess, but Microsoft is just so opposing in everyway to what he just said.

Jim Crowslaw3833d ago

I WANNA READ!!!!!!!! so here i go

GutZ313833d ago

Rockstar kind of reminds me of insomniac, but then don't...

Not sure how to explain it..

GutZ313833d ago

Holy crap that was long, but a great read if you have the time.

Fux4Bux3833d ago

Every game takes it to the next level so far. If it falls under EA's umbrella it'll probably turn to yearly rehashed garbage after the very first game.

bioshock3833d ago

When did you decide to do the episodic content? How do you see it fitting into “GTA IV?”

DH: I think it’s an experiment. The idea of a world that’s you can drop bits into it, that’s interesting. But we’ll see how it goes. At the moment, there’s not much going on with it. We’re finishing off the last bits of this one and the only way we can really do this is by really focusing on it.

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bots being fooled...

brothersimon3833d ago

Jealous of the extra content?


Well you should be :-)

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