Is it legal to sell second hand digital games?

Nic Murfett of Harbottle and Lewis looks at two recent legal cases and questions the current laws on digital video game content

Restrictions which prevent consumers from freely selling on digital games have for some time been a source of frustration for consumers, particularly given the well-established second hand market that exists for boxed product games.

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daggertoes831837d ago

Man if I could just hop on psn or xbox live live to sell my games that would be amazing. Beats having to go to gamestop and I might make more money as well.

s8anicslayer1837d ago

Yes it does if you don't like to go out, but digital takes away from that oh so special brand spankin new smell..imo

rdgneoz31837d ago

That, and it'll be quicker to walk to a store than trying to download a 50 gb game in some countries.

greatcrusader441837d ago

Yeah I live out in the country and the best download speed I can get is around 100kb/s. Took a whole day to download littleBIGplanet 2 of PS+. I just can't download next Gen games.

awi59511837d ago

Greenman gaming lets you do it on select games.

Kryptonite42O1837d ago

would be nice... ive got loads of digital stuff i would sell if i could.
only way i can think to do it would be by selling your entire xbl account (for xbox owners) however if you're caught, your account will get a 9999 year ban.
i dont agree with it.. its my money, i should be able to sell it if i choose to do so.

Bigpappy1837d ago

It is not a legal issue. It is that the digital copy is tied either to your account or in some cases to the box it is installed on. So we need M$, Sony, Steam... to facilitate this.

mydyingparadiselost1837d ago

It should be legal, this is one of the big points for me not going digital.

BranWheatKillah1837d ago

The supreme court has already ruled on the legality of selling the items we own - digital is no exception, though there is no simple way of doing so currently.

Anon19741837d ago

Europe ruled on this as well last year and said that companies can't block the sale of digital content. They just didn't go so far as to say they had to facilitate the sale, meaning currently there's no way of easily transferring digital content over to another user. It sounds like Microsoft was going to allow this on the Xbox One, which would have been a good thing, but then they went all crazy with their restrictions at the same time and now they've shelved the entire thing. Ridiculous really, because they don't need all their other restrictions for creating a market for digital games. They could still do this if they wanted to. It'll be interesting to see if Sony has any plans for a digital marketplace for digital only content. I haven't really heard anything.

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