Microsoft Looks To Hire New CEO By End Of Year

It has been reported by Bloomberg that Microsoft is in the works of finding a successor for the company's CEO spot after Steve Ballmer stepped down this year. Microsoft has been narrowing down their list and is expecting to have a new CEO by the end of this year.

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Goku7811839d ago

It's time for change hopefully for the better.

GodGinrai1839d ago

I can see it now...

Kinect:"realness..put your phone down"

Me: "shuddup kinect!..matter of fact, load up BF4..and send all my friends invites!"


in all seriousness though. I cant wait till the 22nd of november

Nabbic1839d ago

Good, Ballmer is an idiot.
Hopefully they'll get someone competent.

christocolus1839d ago

not again with the insults....damn

mcstorm1839d ago

Bill Gates had the company in a different to so its hard to say who did a better job. Microsoft have been a success under both of them tbh but they were also two different types of leaders too.

DeadlyFire1839d ago

Gates era did have decent Microsoft branded PC games though.

mcstorm1839d ago

@Nabbic I disagree in that Ballmer is an idiot. You need to look at what Microsoft were doing when he took over and what Microsoft are doing now as he is leaving and he has finally been able to work his way to making the company work as one unit which they were stopped doing back in the early 00s. Windows 7 and 8 are 2 very fast and stable OS's. Windows Phone get the best user experience rating out of all the mobile os's on the market and it runs fast and very stable on older hardware too.
Xbox is not a big name in the gaining industry.
IE is now growing in its market share and so is Bing.
MS are now also entering into the physical market for pc's/tablets and the Surface is a brand that is settling the standard in build quality and what a tablet can be used for.

Also Microsoft are the only company that is growing out of Apple and Google. Yes there were mistakes made along the way but all in all Ballmer has done well in leading Microsoft but it is now time for a new face to step and take Microsoft forward with the foundations Ballmer has left behind.

TheGreyWarrior1839d ago

I think Bill Gates did a better job.

iamnsuperman1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

No Ballmer did a lot of things wrong for the company. The whole idea of avoiding Apple to focus on taking on Google in the search engine market was the most pointless waste of time Microsoft could have done. It was idiotic to think they could get a meaningful share. Bing is in no position to compete with google. He famous laughed at the iphone and said Microsoft have had PDA for years. The later is true but to laugh at it was short sighted. IE has lost market share under his tenor (I have no idea why you think it has grown). The surface tablet failed spectacularly. I hope the 2.0 version can do better.

Ballmer isn't an idiot he just to blind sighted by his love for his own company. It is great he loves the company he works for but at the same time he couldn't critically analyse his own practises. I would say Microsoft was in a much weaker position than it was under the reign of Bill Gates and it really shouldn't be.

A lot of what you said is wrong. Since Ballmer came in Microsoft's position is much weaker compared to Google and Apple's growth (that is how you compare things. 2000 was when Ballmer came in. Look at Apple and Google have become and compare that to what Microsoft has become since then. Growth is great but insignificant if you don't grow as much as your rivals)

Thehyph1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Bill Gates DID do a better job. Microsoft became a household name because of him.

Also, it doesn't matter what people are saying about Windows phone and Surface. They can have glorious praise, but it means nothing if no one is buying them.

While I agree that Windows 7 was, arguably, the best version of Windows ever, (my vote is actually for 2000 SP4) Windows 8 still gets mixed opinions, and PC sales will continue to slowly decline as most uses get transferred to mobile devices and cloud services.

IE growing in market share is not very relevant, either. IE used to have an exceptional market share and then it got withered away because open source browsers were better. A lot better.

Bing? Did anyone else not laugh at that commercial where they did street comparisons of Bing and Google?

To me, your post left out Microsoft's near future proof service: Skype.

Sure, Microsoft made fiscal gains during Ballmer's tenure, but they still lost huge potential market.

Also, I believe Apple has just passed its pinnacle. Google may be slowing down, if not a little stagnate, but they BY FAR have future proofed themselves the most. Look at their data centers, their obnoxious Chromebooks, (I will buy one, eventually) their dominant hold on mobile devices and the services that accompany them, their willingness to invest in infrastructure to allow people to access their services, maps, YouTube, etc.

A new CEO has to get the company back to being a definitive household name in the tech field. They have to get back to innovation instead of playing catch-up. It will be a hard thing to do as PC's are becoming slowly less relevant.

thejigisup1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Good, gaming aside I haven't been too proud of ms in recent years. Various competitors have been stepping on ms turf and its obvious that they need change... wait let's get obama!
Thanks Ballmer but good riddance. I love what ms brings to the competition as far as gaming goes but when your major shareholders are thinking about dumping an entire division you know there are problems.

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