God Eater 2 Gets a New Trailer, Focusing on Cutscenes and Characters

Namco Bandai just released a new trailer of the upcoming God Eater 2, that will be released on November the 14th (in Japan) for PS Vita and PSP and that many consider the publisher’s gauntlet of challenge to Capcom’s Monster Hunter.

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HardcoreGamer1833d ago

i got this first game and was really addictive. i dont mind getting this for vita when im done with the awesome killzone and dragons crown.

snitch_puck1833d ago

Yep! the bullet system itself had me occupied a little long enough for my own good! haha.

Blank1833d ago

Where is the localization? Or im hoping I missed the announcement because this game is needs to be localized ASAP!

Inception1833d ago

Be patient my friend. The game will be release in japan on 14 nov. We should wait after the game released. But if we're looking at God Eater: Burst that got localized, my feeling told me that Namco will localize God Eater 2 too.

tiffac0081833d ago

They better, they already owe us a couple of games on our handhelds. :(

Inception1833d ago

I think Namco already learnt their leasson. So personally, i had big hope on them compare to SE or Capcom.

Btw, looking at our disagree, looks like we got some fans at our tails XD

tiffac0081833d ago

Well Bamco does localize when it comes to their console games but handheld seems to be a different story. I mean they put ToH:R on iOS but still no localization. Its depressing.

Yeah, I guess we did someone wrong for getting a disagree. lol!

TongkatAli1833d ago

Graphics look really good for a handheld game.

GdaTyler1833d ago

I really have high expectations for the sales for this game taking into consideration Vita TV is releasing on the same day.

Blank1833d ago

Hmm good observation on the release date of these two I didnt catch this detail after its success in japan and the screams of localizations will finally be heard namco bandai would be stupid not to localize this.

paul-p19881829d ago

I hope it does get localised, but i would happily import it if they said they were not going to localise it. God Eater Burst was amazing, and i'm expecting this to be even better!