EB Expo: Xbox One Impressions – Titanfall, Forza 5 & Kinect Sports Rivals | Press Start Australia

Press Start Australia went hands on with the Xbox One, Titanfall, Kinect Sports Rivals and Forza 5. read their impressions here.

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christocolus1838d ago

kinect sports rivals why isnt that game coming out at launch?

shancake1838d ago

Apparently not finished!

lastofgen1838d ago

it probably needs a little more polish.

Bigpappy1838d ago

M$ is using a lot of new techniques with X1 Kinect. They are using time of flight tech and other advanced tech to make this new Kinect as accurate and flexible as possible. Kinect has features that Rare and other now have to learn how to implement into their games.

They are attempting to do a tennis and bowling game in this rival package in this release. They now have to consider wrist movement for spin and placement.

kratos_TheGoat1838d ago

kI look great forza 5 vroom vroom can't wait nov 22 come fast

TechMech21838d ago

Forza horizon 2 needs announced.

Funantic11838d ago

The author really seems excited about Titanfall.