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Luke Halliday:

"At the Xbox booth at EB Expo 2013, we got to sit down with Turn 10 Studios, the developer of the Forza Motorsport franchise to discuss the legendary racing game series and in particular the latest installment exclusive to the Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 5. We talk about what’s new with Forza 5 and what the Xbox One brings to the table for the series. Read on for our interview with Turn 10."

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masterabbott1837d ago

This is going to a day 1 purchase for me!

mcstorm1837d ago

I agree the reason I pre ordered the One was because of this game.

kratos_TheGoat1837d ago

forza plus my tv will look gorgeous after this is gt6

christocolus1837d ago

i hope playground work with turn 10 to create pgr for xbx one.

mcstorm1837d ago

I agree but I would love to see what they can do with the xbox one power for Horizon 2 as Horizon was an amazing looking game for this gen and also one of the best games ive played this gen too.

robotgargoyle1837d ago

I loved Horizon and you can almost bet there is another one in the pipeline for the Xbox One!

I wonder what the next locale will be? Colorado was awesome. The game needs more tunes too. Soundtrack(maybe it's me, but GTA V's soundtrack seems limited too) gets old quick.

christocolus1837d ago

really?i nevr played horizon but i may just get it at a discount and give it a try.....but pgr would be great too you know. love the series alot.

mcstorm1837d ago

@christocolus Ya it is an amazing game its kind of Forza and PGR in one game in an open world. I would love to see PGR again but I want Horizon more as it was nice to play something with a different look to racing games.

@robotgargoyle I agree more music in the next one will be good but I have not played GTA as im not a fan of the games. I would like to see the next one have a bit more of a city in it too.

robotgargoyle1837d ago

Man, I dunno. Playground does have Bizarre Games alums, but it may never happen. Looks like they are committed to Horizon.

Would love to have another PGR title, though. I did like Horizon a lot on a side note.

christocolus1837d ago

i feel horizon was more of a test run for playground..since it turned out guessing there will be a pgr xbx 1 or another hoping its pgr lol.

Trekster_Gamer1837d ago

The game looks really good. I hope to pick it up soon after launch.

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