PS Vita Exclusive Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Gets First Official Screenshots and Artwork

Namco Bandai published today the first official screenshots and artwork of the upcoming Sword Art Online JRPG, Hollow Fragment, that will be released next year exclusively for the PS Vita and that was announced a few days ago.

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Baylex1887d ago

Nice pics!! Looking good :)

Abriael1887d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping in a localization. I know it's unlikely but...

Baylex1886d ago

Good thing the Vita is not region locked! :p

Jack_Of_All_Blades1887d ago

Awesome, we need more JRPG's on the Vita

tiffac0081887d ago

I could have been so excited for this game but Bamco just have a bad record when it comes to localizing their games that are released on handhelds.

Outside_ofthe_Box1887d ago

If this was confirmed to be coming to the states, I would be extremely excited for this game.