Battlefield 4 Beta On PC Gets Second Patch, Fixes Crash and Performance Issues, Changelog Revealed

DICE has just released a brand new patch update for Battlefield 4 PC beta. The update weighs around 54 MB in size.

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Raiz1835d ago

thank you dice.... this is the miracle patch we PC gamers were waiting for...

naimless1835d ago

Sounds good. Can anyone confirm it performs better on nVidia-cards?

kutocer1835d ago

I can confirm my machine is running so so much better. i7 2600 560ti in SLI. Before bad frame drops and alsmot unplayable now 60+fps with minor frame drop most playable now.

RVanner_1835d ago

Looking forward to trying tonight. Stopped playing before because of the poor performance.

Even on low settings at 1080 couldn't get above 45fps and would frequently drop to 30.

My specs aren't ground breaking but considering I could run BF3 on Very High/ultra at a steady 50fps+ I was expecting to run BF4 on Medium at a solid 60fps with no drops. Hopefully by final release this will be the case.

sovietsoldier1835d ago

dice finally is understanding that patching a beta is even better then the full game.with bf3 they let patching go so long and many times fixes could have been done with little turnaround .

bf4 is looking to be the best one ever and for a vet of the series that says a lot.

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