EB Games Ships Copy of Pokemon X Early

Andrew Day from Capsule Computers wrote:

Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS are without a doubt some of the most highly anticipated games of 2013, as well as the most highly anticipated games for the 3DS console, and as such players all over the world have been dying for the game to be released early so they could get their hands on it.

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Subby1833d ago

This is actually pretty huge. Wow.

masterabbott1833d ago

cant believe they sent it out first, people who order online should take into account postal service and wait till the "OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE" then + postal time to get their game. This is why u go to the store and pick it up on launch day! Bad move here ... and not fair for the rest of us.

coaidant1833d ago

Broken street date ftw!!

futurefrog1833d ago

wow eb games in trroubbleee

Imonaboat11832d ago

I have a copy i got it two days ago ... fighting second gym as im typing this xD

ZacE1832d ago

Hahahaha! You son-a-ma-gun!

TekoIie1832d ago

So much jellow right now :(

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