Videogames: A cog in the propaganda machine

Videogames are used as training simulators. Can they train gamers to be mindless zombies as well? MWEB GameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, takes a look.

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HanCilliers1932d ago

Oh my what will the Russians do next, but wait, it's not only the bad Russian who jumped onto the videogames can be exploited wagon right. America already tried it.

Very interesting read

GabeSA1932d ago

I think that everything we experience somehow affects certain aspects of our lives, whether it be studying, or acting, or writing. Somewhere, something will impact on us, because humans evolve, our tastes change and we shift thoughts and opinions. Gaming is nothing more than a medium we use that can easily be construed to any shape or form we want it to, even for propaganda (just as music and movies have been for so long). Nice write up.

Choc_Salties1932d ago

Most interesting, but it is a viewpoint i have had for some time already. The big problem is that while the games themselves are by and large unrealistic, its not so much the shooting, but who your opponents are.

If you look at the trend over the last decade, your Middle-Eastern types were the focused enemy. Now, it seems the Russians are once again the bad guys.

Similar things can be observed in training of soldiers over times and ages past, with the targets being used. From simple targets like a dartboard, to silhouettes of people, to styling those silhouettes of whoever the current enemy is, to simply pasting a picture of a typical opponent on the target.

Nothing new here...