Oculus Rift: Open Your Eyes And Let Them See The Future | AnalogAddiction

Analog Addiction writes, "If you have not used it, the Oculus Rift could look like a gimmick. The idea of wearing a strange looking device on your face when playing games sounds really funny, and the revolutionary way it promises to change gaming seems far fetched. At least, that’s what I thought."

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jackanderson19851932d ago

great concept and I'll eventually pick one up... but the fear that's gonna come with wearing one and one of your friends etc just waiting for you to lift it off and scare the bejaysus outta u

shaun mcwayne1932d ago

I dont feel its a gimmick.
My face can't wait to get one strapped onto it.
Oh and I would love to watch my fave movies on it too.

steve30x1932d ago

I will be one of the first to pre order a retail Rift.

Zeniix1932d ago

just give us a release date already

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