Valve confirms: Steam Machines will have AMD hardware as well

Forbes "In a statement to Forbes, a Valve representative has confirmed that AMD graphics hardware will be included in commercially available Steam Machines next year. The more interesting story, however, is why Valve needed to confirm this in the first place."

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kratos_TheGoat1932d ago

so there will be two bundle?

Ratty1932d ago

More like infinity bundles. They said Steam Machines would be manufactures by other companies besides Valve and that you can change the hardware and software. Not really surprising that some of those SteamBoxes will have AMD hardware.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1931d ago

Lol, but on topic more performance for our money

RVanner_1932d ago

If I was to get one it would be with AMD hardware, so I am pleased to hear this.

Just an AMD fan, no other real reason

Kurylo3d1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Just curious, im not trying to bash you, but why?

I mean if its for the price i understand completely. Thats the whole reason anyone would go with amd its usually cheaper.. even if it lacks features like physx.

But nvidia is typically more powerful, has physx, has cuda for developers. I mean its just a way better card... and the driver improvements keep the card living for way longer by squeezing out more and more performance..

So seriously. Is price the reason your a fan? Or do u have another reason. No matter what if you compare the same generation... nvidia will always be on top.

1932d ago
RVanner_1932d ago

Initially it was price.

I had such good performance from my first AMD PC and have since upgraded the GPU from an Asus 5770 to a Sapphire 6950 2GB and and run nion everything on maximum at 1080p. Therefore I have never been able to justify paying the extra for Nvidia hardware as I can't see I would gain as much of a leap in performance in relation to the additional cost.

Also most likely comes down to a simple case of familiarity. I'm not averse to Nvidia at all. I'm not some AMD fanboy or anything and am always open to change.

If i was to buy a brand new PC then I would consider going with Intel/Nvidia. But at the moment I like upgrading my PC with complimentary AMD parts to keep it all the same.

So overall I would say I'm a fan because of Value for money and familiarity.

WarThunder1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Im not trying to pick any sides here, but lets take some examples.

- Lets take top of the range cards from both AMD and nvidia.

HD7990 cost $650
GTX titan cost $1000

GTX Titan is $350 more than the HD 7990 ok?
Let see some benchs

- You say Cuda is better? hmm let see

- SteamOS will usee OpenGL
Lets see OpenGl performance

- Drivers, Right i own a HD7850 for almost a year and i had no problems what so ever.

Most editing and 3d sofware support OpenCL. So openCL will work as good as cuda.

The results: With the AMD 7990 you get a faster card for $350 less. Thats why some people choose AMD cards its faster and inexpensive. You get the best Price/performance graphics cards from AMD.

Kurylo3d1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

war thunder, are u really going to compare the card thats $1000 that no one will ever by. I was thinking more along the lines of the flagship cards... not to mention that the titan is generations behind so its an older card... cant really compare that one. nvidia hasnt released their latest gen yet. And yes cuda is better. And widely supported. If you were a 3d or graphic artist you would know and understand. Pulling a chart out of your ass that relates to NOTHING means nothing. And no opencl doesnt work as good... its very buggy and glitchy.

As for the titan vs the HD7990.. release date for amd hd7990 was APRIL 2013, while nvidias 680 series whcih is the titan was released in APRIL 2012. A year apart. So are you tellign me it took amd a year to match nvidia. lol.

And you still havent mentioned anything about the lack of support of physx, which makes games look awesome lol. I have a hard time seeing batman arkham city without it.. it just adds life to the environment.

Oh and i love that chart with the opengl... the top 2 cards are an amd card from 2013 and an nvidia card thats trailing by 4 or 5 fps from an entire year previous in 2012... lol! Nvidia hasnt released their next generation yet and the previous gen is still going toe to toe with amds current gen.... so thanks for proving my point with your chart. lol

And why not compare the $350 - $600 cards instead of comparing the dual cards that are $1000 that no one ever wants to buy lol... Bring the comparisons back down to consumer level. I'd rather spend $200 on an nvidia card that does everything i need and outperforms the $150 amd card.

Oh and that cuda graph hahha what is bitcoin mining? why not have a graph for video editing.. something along those lines lol... u pic the one graph that no one knows or cares about lol.. because it has higher numbers for your team haha.. Its ok to tout something thats better, if it does somehow make your product better, but that there... does not lol.

CyrusLemont1931d ago

@Kurylo3D, sadly I think multiplats or ports are going to be highly optimized for AMD only. Nvidia probably won't have that much trouble running them in comparison, but they'll need more horsepower to keep them even.

WarThunder1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


I really don't care which was released first or last. All i care is how much performance do i get for my money.
GTX Titan Jan 2013, HD7990 april 2013, big deal...

And from actual results its faster and cheaper. benchs/results are all over the internet.

I work as a technical Artist using Maya,3dmax, CS6 and Unity3d. And i can tell you these work better with OpenCL/GL rather than Cuda. Photoshop CS6 supports OpenCL/GL and when u enable it, the performance is better...

As u can see here bech using Maya Autodesk

HD7970 ($300) vs Titan($1000)

Lets see CATIA :

Let see Lightwave:

Lets see Solid works

Lets see OpenCL image processing

- If you want to compare cheaper cards i can compare the HD7970($300) to the GTX770 ($400) amazon.
both have similar performance, but again the AMD is $100 cheaper.

- Like u know SteamOS will use OpenGL and openCL
How a $300 card compare to nvidia $1000 cards

- As for the physx, If your using a AMD card, you can still install physx and it will work via the CPU so not a big deal....

Everything you say are things that you take from your own fanboy head. A quick search is enough to make your arguments go to waste.

Im not saying don't buy Nvidia. Its your money not mine, If you want waste more money on a overpriced product than thats your prob.

Kurylo3d1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

You say your a technical artist. So am I. Sadly I think your pretty bad at your job lol.. Talking about unity3d with open cl. Unity3d does not natively support opencl.

Wait a few months then compare nvidias next cards for a good laugh.

Aside from that I honestly dont spend 1000 on a card. I get more bang for my buck at that special $200 - $500 price point. Those cards are always better in nvidia.

Honestly all the stuff you wrote is just so manipulated and skewed. Your like Fox news lol.

If you look at that same graph that the gtx titan underperfomrs in maya.. then u look ant nvidia 680 which performs same as titan.. because guess what.. thats what the titan is lol... and maya dont support dual gpus.. titan is a dual 680. So half the card is being used. Not to mention your still talking a card thats over ayear older then the one your trying to compare.

Again.. if your a gamer, nvidia with their drivers.. always outperforms nvidia and has longer life span. Nvidia is better for overclocking, nvidia has phhysx which games have today which looks incredable. You can keep talkn open cl if u want.. name one game that uses it. Just one lol.

Like I said you get what you pay for. Ati is for video games to run cheap and look good. Nvidia is for the elitest crowd that want it to look the best that it possibly can. Add features that ati cant have, and function as a cpu in other applications. Ati has kept their focus on graphics cards for desktops and consoles. Nvidia has expanded to every market.. catering to developers, to mobile, to fucking cars lol.

Simply put, with ati your cutting features to save on cost. Oh and nvidia supports opengl and opencl lol. So to say it will somehow negatively impact nvidia owners is a flat out lie. OpenCl is a universal buggy format. Physx is patented by nvidia however.

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weirdo1932d ago

this is an incredible time, competition always benefits the gamer. i'd love my setup to include both a ps4, and a steam machine. kudos to amd for another aaa contract - the right staff make the difference

creepjack1932d ago

Of course they will. AMD is the cheapest, and the only way to make it cost efficient. You get what you pay for though.....

I use to be a big AMD fan, but after using an Intel/Nvidia combo for a while now, well, it's gonna take a lot for AMD to win me back.

Petro1932d ago

First what AMD needs to do is up their linux driver development, right now you cant have AMD card and play games on linux.

Kurylo3d1932d ago

I cant live without my nvidia card. It is just awesome for things like video editing and anything else that turns the gpu into an 800 core cpu.... amd is severely lacking in that department.

Saryk1932d ago

AMD will be the cheaper boxes, while Nvidia and Intel are more expensive.