Wii Sports has control issues

After spending "several hours" with Wii Sports, IGN's Nintendo editor Matt Casamassina doesn't like the game due to flawed controls with the exception of Wii Bowling which he calls "totally rocking." Regarding Tennis, he had this to say: "You don't control anything except the swing of your player's racket. The movement of these Mii-alike athletes is all done automatically by the game. You simply swing the Wii remote back and forth to make your on-screen character do the same thing."

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andy capps5346d ago

Finally someone else is saying this. I tried Wii Boxing here at the local Nintendo Fusion show about a month ago, and it was crap. It only seemed to recognize certain motions, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me what the motions were. Tried doing small and compact motions, tried flailing away at the screen. Point being, after our time on it, my friend and I both agreed that it was interesting having a new control input, but we would have both preferred having a regular controller where we weren't getting frustrated by not being able to do anything.

ChickeyCantor5346d ago

it was just a show how it works, and beside it was E3 software, in other words it was just for the show.

it was made simple, just to SHOW how it could work.

andy capps5346d ago

Not sure if you were disagreeing with me or the article (or both), but I was just relating my impressions from the time spent with it. I know from your past posts that you like Nintendo, which I have no problem with, but I'm just saying that I did not care for the game that I played or the control method. It was very frustrating and did not scream out, wow, this is next gen controlling methods. It also didn't seem as simple as Nintendo is wanting it to be. You're going to hate to hear this, but it screamed out to me that it was a gimmick that could have been done as an add-on to the Gamecube. Hate me for it but those are my impressions and opinions. :)

Sphinx5346d ago

...I'll let you know how it is for real November 19th :)

ChickeyCantor5346d ago

i do like nintendo, but not a fanboy, i like the 360 and ps3 too...

and yess, they could have done it on the GC but they came up with it after the GC.
and the reason i want the wii is becozz after 16 years of gaming....i really want something new.

but hey to you its gimmick allot others think its not.

and its all about mario/zelda/wario inc/supersmash....and i bet there is gonna be a new F-zero .... and more good nintendo games.
even if it turns out as a gimmick, i know the games would be fun to play.

andy capps5346d ago

That's cool man, to each his own. Hope you enjoy it. :)