Viva la Vita! Viva la PS4!

Punk and Lizard writes: "We’ve hung out with developers who are putting so much passion into their games that you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it. At Eurogamer, we saw genuinely mind boggling games. Driveclub, Killzone Shadowfall, Resogun…and these are just the start."

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TomShoe1931d ago

Viva la Pureisutēshon Vīta!

G20WLY1931d ago

It's Pureisutēshon Tsū all over again! Bring it.

Will this boost Vita sales? File this question with:

Is the Pope Catholic?
Does a bear sh!t in the woods?
Do you play games at Home Depot? ;P

Timmey1931d ago

Haha, i got the last one. read it earlier...:D

kazuma9991931d ago

Viva la VITA!! revolucion

gaelic_laoch1931d ago

PS4 will castrate the competition with one bite!


GdaTyler1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I hope after that PS4 launch focus that they direct their attention back to the Vita next year which is needed because it's struggling right now. Please Sony?

Nabbic1931d ago

Of course they will focus on the Vita.
I don't know if you saw the Japan announcement and TGS videos, but there was an advert that outlined their intention in the market... They want to create an ecosystem similar to Apple with the PC/mobile market.
There was a video where people were playing on the PS4... They shared their activity on Deep Down, a friend saw it on his mobile browsing the PS app and pushed it to the PS4, where he instantly joined the game. Then people were playing on the PS4, the TV needed to be used so they switched it to the VitaTV and streamed the PS4 while the TV was still being used. Then they did some remote play on the Vita, cross saving and whatnot.

The PS4 is vital in this plan, especially needs focus since it's the most popular. When that's out, they're going to begin laying to structure between the Vita and PS4... Better incorporated remote play, cross saving... Eventually we'll see a push with the VitaTV and the PlayStation App, and they'll spend this generation incorporating the entire ecosystem between devices, which will give them greater ground next gen as it'll also tie in with the system, have all these features that other consoles won't have, and locks people in a bit more since they already have a bunch of Sony products compatible.

Microsoft don't want to take that risk into the mobile market and are relying on tablets, though tablets aren't built for gaming, a Vita is. There's a good chance they'll miss out on this ecosystem despite having an intention to make one, and it'll hurt them in the long run.
Meanwhile, Nintendo are relying on their killer franchises, though because of a lack of quality hardware and online services as of recent, they're slowly becoming irrelevant.

I just wish Sega would come back and make consoles. They were the true innovators, but third party turned them into a sonic shovelware machine.

Mikelarry1931d ago

i can wait to test out the remote play functionality as that AC remote play demo got me pumped

nosferatuzodd1931d ago

yeah i want lots of game for my vita playing killzone mercenary right now its very nice

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