Michael Myers - Halloween free survival horror fan game

Fan game Halloween is free for Windows and Mac, made by Pig Farmer Games. It resembles the aesthetics of PSX, 32-bit era graphics and stubborn controls/camera angles, too.

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snitch_puck1835d ago

Have you tried it yet? The trailer gave me a jump scare! haha. I hope the game soundtrack is as scary as it is in the gameplay.

exceeding091835d ago

The jump scare got me too...

exceeding091835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I downloaded it for my Mac and followed the troubleshooting. It came to the start up screen with no way of starting the game and I'm still unable to play the game. I want to play the game when I get it to work.

rustyspoon801835d ago

It makes a change to see a fan game in the 32 bit style rather than 16 bit.
It looks very 'alone in the dark'.

axerated1832d ago

Might give this a try, double nostalgia