Let Best Buy 'Professionally Install' Your XBox Games

Are you one of the tens of customers who has trouble inserting their XBox 360 games? Do you find the whole concept of slot-based media frightening? Well, Best Buy has a service for you! For a low, low price, Best Buy will come to your home and professionally install those complex XBox games.
Tipster Michael writes:

"Apparently the local Best Buy has an unbeatable service option for you. Looks like they will come to your house and insert your game to your 360 for you. Wonder how much they would charge to turn it on and put the controller in my hand?"

Fie on anyone who says these signs are misplaced. This is a revolutionary new service that will do for game installation what Game Genie did for gameplay. Just you wait and see...

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Tomdc3835d ago

Yeah but to be honest best buy will know its a joke, but its a joke they can earn money from lol because of the stupidness of some people.

Crazyglues3835d ago

The biggest company in the electronics retail game could careless about it consumers and will do anything to get their money, even rob them blind.

What a great store Best Buy is? They are right up there with Walmart. -except I think even Walmart would know better then to do this.

sonarus3835d ago

What is everyone's gripe with walmart. Yea they are a huge corporation and they still give me low prices so i will continue to shop there.

Evil_K_6663835d ago

I believe most peoples problem with walmart falls under the lines of they put everything out of buisness and all they sell is cheap crap. My major problem with walmart (at least my local one) Is that they dont ever seem to have what I want. Especially in the area of video games. I just personally think that they suck.

silent h3ro3835d ago

A lot of Americans are against shopping at Wallmart, not because of the competition, but because when you do you support foreign labor (most of their merchandise is made in China).

actas1233835d ago

Its really funny how ppl think the sticker is to offer help of how to insert a game into the xbox.. The sticker on the video game is a commercia'l for 360 buyers, in case u need any help hooking up u'r TV ,sound sys to your xbox. Best buy are not that retarded to offer a complete service to help people "inert discs"... What the hell is wrong with u ppl.. Also the article is so misleading because the writer is retarded.

PS360PCROCKS3835d ago

Uh no it has nothing to do with "foreign labor" are you ever American? I doubt 90% of America worries about that. Evil K is right I am against wal-mart because their dirty crowded hell holes who never have the stuff you need and everything is cheap crap. I'm sorry but I don't like feeling like a minority when I walk into a Wal-Mart, I'm not racist, but when all you hear is Spanish you feel a little outta place. I prefer Target.

barnes3and13834d ago

You guys are crazy. They use those cases for the ram they sell in the computer department. Sometimes the cases get reused in video games and they don't peel the sticker. They don't help you install the disk its just the cases they use for security. Talk about a story out of nothing.

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Crazyglues3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

will someone please take Best Buy out back and shoot it already...

Jesus Christ, why in the world is this store still around and operating, are consumers really this dumb. It was bad enough when they exposed that Best Buy was charging 10 dollars extra for all 360 accessories.

And yet people buy there, it was even worst when it was exposed that they made a fake website so when you are in the store and you say "I thought I saw it for cheaper on the online store" -they would take you to the fake site in the store and say "see no same price" OMG!!!

What will it take to kill Best Buy! Someone please for the love of god. The only thing I can say about the store is it is huge, (because of all the money they rob from you) and it is far from being the best buy.

BrianC62343835d ago

Maybe Best Buy is on to something. Anyone who would be dumb enough to buy a console that will die on them should need help installing their game discs. Where does it go? Maybe that's the cause of all the scratched discs. Hahaha.

ravinshield3835d ago

i need the GEEK SQUAD to come install my ps3 games.hope they dont brake it and blame it on me.hahaha

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

...Open the box for you...
...and plug it in for you...
...and switch on the T.V for you...
...and play the game for you...
...and swear and be racist over xBox LIVE for you...
...and do your boyfriend for you...
...and watch your house burn down with you!!! ;-D

Can't xBot Lemmings do this on there own???
(i could do another joke here, but i won't push it!!!) ;-D

chrisuk3835d ago

I totally agree, who needs help opening a disk tray? Seriously..

v1c1ous3835d ago

-same people who buy Monster HDMI cables thinking that they will get better signals below 10 feet of length

-same people who rely on geek squad for their computer trouble

-same people who think and EDTV is the same as an HDTV

tgh machines3834d ago

yes. Or the author is just retarded