Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut costs quite a bit more on Wii U

For a few months now, retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop have listed pricing for Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut at $49.99 on Wii U and $29.99 on the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360.

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EliteGameKnight1837d ago

it's like they don't want it to succeed. Didn't EA do the same thing to say that no one wanted their games on Wii U by having horrible deals, like Mass Effect Trilogy releasing at the same time on other consoles as Mass Effect 3 released on Wii U?

zeal0us1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Well to be fair the Director Cut was made with the WiiU in mind. Why should the WiiU version be priced at $29.99?

This case overall is entirely different than what happen with EA. 360 and PS3 audience isn't getting a complete edition of the Deus franchise, while WiiU is only getting a one Deus Ex game.

360 and PS3 audience members are repurchasing a game they brought two years ago while WiiU audience members are buying a game made with their console in mind.

Ol_G1837d ago

that's far from an excuse it's their problem they release it twice it's the same version on all consoles why should Wii U owners pay more for the same crap and why does everyone keep thinking Wii U owners don't have other consoles it's just stupid

zeal0us1837d ago

Well if some WiiU owners have other consoles then they can buy the game on the other console if they don't want to pay $50.

EliteGameKnight1837d ago

zeal0us: "Well if some WiiU owners have other consoles then they can buy the game on the other console if they don't want to pay $50."

That' exactely the problem though. People won't want to spend an extra 20 dollars if they have a differen't console, which most do, and because of that Square Enix might pass this off as Wii U consumers not wanting to by their games in general. Thus ceasing development.

zeal0us1837d ago

Well if you guys truly feel that way about WiiU version then take it up with SE or start petition. Honestly complaining about it on N4G isn't going change a thing.

lilbroRx1837d ago

They are taking it up with Square. Thats the entire point of the comment. What was the point of your argument?

triforce791837d ago

Listen the devs clearly said the wiiu version goes beyond pc technically google it...

zeal0us1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Complaining about the WiiU version priced on N4G is not taking it up with SE. The only thing they have been doing is expressing opinion about the price of WiiU version on a site that's not related to SE. I highly doubt SE will come up here and or NintendoEverything and take their concerns to heart.

If you want your concerns to be heard go to the SE forum/site, Deus EX HR Site/forum, make video, petition or send the appropriate groups an email voicing your concerns.

I'm in no way saying they shouldn't post their opinions on N4G. To do so would beat the whole purpose of N4G. Which is to bring gamers together and let them voice their opinions about articles,reviews,opinion pieces or etc. What I'm saying(far as my third post goes) simply posting about your dislike on N4G or NE isn't enough. You need to go to source if you want your thoughts/opinions to be take into consideration.

PopRocks3591836d ago

You know what is taking it up with SE? Not buying the stupid thing and waiting for the price to be more fair. Which is exactly what I'm going to do. Square Enix can have my money when they A) stop sucking and B) price their games fairly across all platforms.

I don't care if this version was tailored for Wii U, it has the same amount of raw content across all platforms. It is not fair at all to make people pay $20 more on gamepad features alone.

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iplay1up21837d ago

Just like Wii U has some games coming out with less content, but cost less on Wii U. Same goes here. the Wii U version is the "definitive" version. I will pick this up on. Wii U, because of what they have done with the gamepad it looks great too.

exfatal1837d ago

hahahahaha ohhh boy that was a good laugh... hahaha to think i even considered getting this game for the Wii U.

deno1837d ago

There's quiet a few improvements on the Wii U, graphics is one of them. I have this on PS3 and it's an amazing game.

kayoss1837d ago

I dunno why the price discrepancy though? I can only think of one reason. Since Nintendo or the developer felt that this game is pretty much a brand new game for the wii u they charge more. For the ps3 and Xbox 360 they assume most people would have already played it already. For those who were on the fence about buying it will now buy it at the lower price point with the benefits of the extra contents. Idk just a theory.

Feocart1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

To be honest, no one at Square Enix knows what they're doing. They haven't been fiscally responsible for some time now.

LordDhampire1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

All you wii u people should be happy you even get these games, they have to go out of their way just to custimize it for that stupid controller screen, so you better pay extra

Put a screen on the controller....said no one ever....nintendo needs to stop

And you nintendo fans are the cheap to buy a real console and to cheap to buy third party games...all you guys do is make excuses o this game is to expensive o this game is to cheap o this game doesnt have online even tho I bought a console with a terrible infrastructure.

Look in the are the problem...letting nintendo get away with a terrible network and store, a gimped storage....dont buy their stuff and they will have to change it...

Ol_G1837d ago

God you're a sad excuse for a troll please go jerk on your ps4 or xbone you don't have yet and let real gamers discuss these issues

zeal0us1837d ago

While I don't agree with everything he is saying, that however is far from trolling.

Honestly telling him to go jerk off on his PS4 or X1 isn't making you look any better than he is.

Ol_G1837d ago

what he's doing is trolling blaming the userbase for choices the company makes is trolling coming in an article to start discuss a whole other topic is trolling and the way he said it it's obviously trolling he wasn't trying to start a discussion he only tried to rile people up with his comment i see that as trolling

EliteGameKnight1837d ago

The funny thing is if they don't want to customize it they just have to make it off-TV Play like Super Mario Bros U. which probably isn't that difficult as it would just be sending the same signal to the Gamepad as the TV. Also Valve put a screen on their controller.

I would say ALL fan groups are terrible. You act like one is worse than the other, however they all have blind chauvenism that's just limiting the overall enjoyment of the industry. Its perfectly fine to like a company for what they do, but if your going to start boycotting another company over it then its just pointless.

Yes the Wii U does have some flaws, but if I was to focus on that, I wouldn't have anytime to play some great games. Honestly the PS4 and Xbox One will have flaws also, please don't deny it, but they'll still have some fun games also.

Neonridr1837d ago

but a touchpad on your controller is way better right???

Chrischi19881837d ago

You know, sometimes it is really hard to not use bad language against such troll attempts.

A game if it offers the same content, should be priced equally, what is so hard to understand about that? Does that matter, if they developed it for Wii U in mind? It doesnt, if the game happens to be multiplat afterall, since the new ideas went in all versions. And to call the Gamepad stupid just shows that you are not able to see the potential of this thing, maybe because you never tried, you saw it and as a good sony fan, hated it instantly. But I bet, if the PS Vita makes good use with the PS4, then it is a new innovation of Sony.


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Jovanian 1837d ago

thats kinda crazy considering I've seen DEHR on sale on various digital retailers at like 5 bucks...the stuff they added is pretty cool but doesn't warrant such a massive price on any platform. It shouldn't even be 30 bucks, they are repackaging already made stuff with minor enhancements at best. Its a great game don't get me wrong, but they are overcharging

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