EB EXPO: Fifa 14 on Xbox One Hands On Gameplay

Press Start Australia went hands on with Next Gen Fifa on the Xbox One at EB Expo. They were really happy with the advancements that the Ignite engine have given the game.

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Bigpappy1834d ago

Nice and smooth. The sound on X1 is so crisp and clear compared to 360, which I thought was very good.

Animal Mutha 761834d ago

Yeah especially the headset chat. When I played BF4 the voice quality between the 16 on my team was excellent.

urwifeminder1834d ago

Have not played a game like this since the dreamcast days so I am looking forward to my free copy I just never got around to buying another , next gen virtua tennis may even be on the cards for me.

Ohlmay1834d ago

Picking this up day one for the PS4, can't wait, FIFA finally looks to be getting a big upgrade :)

Volkama1834d ago

It's no Sega Worldwide Soccer '96.

Animal Mutha 761834d ago

Sensible World of Soccer - Amiga

that is all.