GTA5 PC Rumors... Is There Hope?

Pixelvolt takes a look at the possibilities of a PC port of GTA5.

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-EvoAnubis-1835d ago

Good God - how many of these articles are there going to be?

EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE GTA GAME EVER HAS APPEARED ON PC THE FOLLOWING YEAR. Why is it even a question that the same is going to happen here?

KazHiraiFTW1835d ago

Is there hope!? TROLOLOLOLOL

Its pretty much been confirmed GTA5 will be on PC. The franchise was born on PC and will continue on PC. Stop with the dumb, attention grabbing articles.

boing11835d ago

Because of Red Dead Redemption. It will hit PC though. I'm sure of it.

strigoi8141835d ago

write it on a piece of paper...then send it to Santa Claus

Brucis1835d ago

Was there ever really doubt? Really people, quit overreacting. All console GTA games have been put on PC, the only ones not to be ported were the handheld ones.

MysticStrummer1835d ago

Of course there's hope. There's more than hope. It will happen.

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