Is The Vita Slipping Away From Us?

It really is a great handheld gaming device, but all the evidence is pointing toward an untimely death. How much longer will the PlayStation Vita last?

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refocusedman1836d ago

This is truly painful to admit but, I would have to agree. Unless its a port of an old game (borderlands 2, MH freedom, injustice) the vita isnt getting any viable party support. Its really bad right now. I love my vita, its a great system but it seem like its never going to realize its true potential.

refocusedman1836d ago

edit above: viable 3rd party support

thehobbyist1836d ago

It's getting viable support. Just not in America and not soon enough. Freedom Wars and God Eater 2 look amazing. But Freedom Wars isn't coming out until late 2014 at the earliest and God Eater 2 may not be localized. Which is the next problem. There are cool Vita games that aren't localized. Lots of unlocalized Mecha games(I love Mecha). Then finally some of the stuff that is localized is too niche to support the Vita properly. Virtue's Last Reward is great but Americans tend to not like visual novels. And a good number of those are coming to the Vita.

HighResHero1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

They are coming out with a new SKU with plans to actually start marketing the thing now that it's cheaper to produce and goes along with the PS4. They've actually stated that they created it to go along with the ps4.

Also from the article:

"It really is a great handheld gaming device, but all the evidence is pointing toward an untimely death."

This is kind of a silly, incorrect thing to say considering they are launching a new SKU with plans to market it along with the PS4.

It's success at this point has almost everything to do with its' marketing, games, ps4 compatibility, etc. and almost nothing to do with current arbitrary opinions, imo.

fsfsxii1836d ago

I recently got mine, and i'm loving it, would be damn bad to see it go before it reaches its full potential.

Dinoegg_961836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I dont think that, we are getting very good games the next year, Demon Gaze, Danganronpa, Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush 2, SS Delta, Toukiden, Disgaea 4, Over my dead body 2, Dragon Ball Z battle of Z, Borderlands 2, Deception IV, FF X/X-2 HD, etc.
And maybe the Vita TV boosts the Vita sales.

ger23961836d ago

Don't forget remote play with the ps4, that could give it a bump in sales.

jujubee881836d ago

No. Next article, pls. :)

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