vroom-vroom hands-on with forza 5 / Digitally Downloaded

Forza 5 feels like a next generation game. It has created a new standard. It will be a difficult one to match - and it makes Sony's Drive Club look like child's play. It will highlight all the advantages of upgrading to a next generation console. Games like this will sell Xbox One consoles. The new era has begun.

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NatureOfLogic1836d ago

"It has created a new standard" Like out of place shadows, no night/day cycle or no weather? Serious question.

Bigpappy1836d ago

Should really give the trolling a rest. You don't like Forza. Got it. Move on son!

1836d ago
4Sh0w1836d ago

Nope hes trolling. Forza5 without those things is still just more impressive than DriveClub. Were past Forzas better than past GT games for damage alone, better customization? I mean just because COD BO had customizable weapons and Halo4 didn't that did not automatically make COD the better game did it? Different games offer different features. Which is best is whichever you feel executes what it does have in an impactful way making it a great game. From what I have seen and heard so far thats why I say Forza5 is more impressive than Drive Club.

jgrigs091836d ago

The out of place shadows I think will get fixed, remember they are playing beta versions. For the night/day cycle or no weather. As a Forza fan that annoys me as well

otherZinc1836d ago

"Serious question" is; when is Drive Club going to demo a race with real cars instead of ghost cars with someones face on the trunk?

badkolo1836d ago

hoping its is a serious question, im sure more will be added, but to many tards were saying the lighting is prebaked and that was proven false, its a first gen title for the x1, im sure they will add more features with time on this version or maybe in the next, the same way i expect games for the ps4 to improve over time as well and with each newer version

GameCents1836d ago

I cannot wait to drive the shadows and look at the pretty clouds in other racing games, because that seems to be more important than anything else these days.

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VforVideogames1836d ago

I like that : a new era has begun!!!!!!!!

biRdy1836d ago

This is my most anticipated game for xbox one.

MajorMayhem701836d ago

If he wants weather and night /day cycle he should buy Drive Club.

Bigpappy1836d ago

Seems like the feedback from the extra motors in the controller is enough to replaces weather effect. Day night cycle seems more suited for opened world driving games. This is a competitive driving game. Gameplay is key and feedback is way more important than visual effects.

badkolo1836d ago

true but weather and day and night shift would be nice to have but as i said before, there will be more forzas and more features will be added. but day and night is not a deal breaker and at least the prebaked lighting farse was proven false

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