Gaming's High-Definition Future

When viewed in high-definition, the glossy cars, detailed racetracks, and explosive physics of Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360 are pretty impressive. But it's the high-speed crash scenes that really showcase what the game can do. Slam a competitor into the wall and watch as your rival's car crumples, flips, and emits a shower of sparks and broken metal.

Whether for watching NFL games, episodes of Lost, or Discovery Channel documentaries, consumers around the world are forking over serious cash for high-def TVs. During the first half of 2006, NPD Group says U.S. shoppers spent more than $4 billion on LCD and plasma TVs. According to iSuppli, shipments of HD displays should overtake analog cathode ray tubes (CRTs) by 2008.

All those shiny new TVs should entice gamers to upgrade to new consoles that offer high-def capabilities-or at least that's what console manufacturers hope. But with the cost for the latest high-def consoles soaring to over $500, it's still uncertain whether gamers will embrace the new trend.

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Ravenator5295337d ago

we are being forced into it!

HD gaming is the future of gaming. Both of the true "next-gen" systems are centered around it. And this will not change!

Is say "true next-gen" because I don't consider the Wii a "next-gen" system. Its a Gamecube with a new controller and online capbilities that will actually be used!

Jakens5337d ago

I own a Xbox 360, will shorty own a PS3, and many Next Gen Games. All of that for a beautiful display on a 50" plasma.

Yes, it is worth every penny to me, even if it is not for everyone.