News: Assassin's Creed DLC Revealed

Rockstar has offered some advice to avoid your GTA Online character getting deleted while they work on a permanent fix. Ubisoft has revealed their story-based Freedom Cry DLC for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Irrational has shared the first 5 minutes of Bioshock Infinite's Burial At Sea DLC.

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Yi-Long1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

... and the reason why I won't be buying the game for full price. Again.

Like I've done with each and every other Ubisoft game where they were trying to nickel and dime me. Many of those games I was interested in. Many of those I've lost interest in while waiting for a complete release, thus Ubisoft ending up not getting a single dime from me.

The game looks terrific btw. I love the Piracy setting. I hope it will be as good as Assassin's Creed 2 GOTY.

ZBlacktt1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Translation: I'm a broke soul who can barley afford to video game. Or I want everything made for every game for free. Aside from all the FREE DLC missions and download content I'm already getting from just pre ordering the game ( If I ever was in the first place ). Aside from the FREE hour of DLC I'm getting if I own a PS3 and PS4. Plus the game has over 100 hours of game play already, wow! Yet, I'm going to sit here and still bitch and complain that I want more, more damn it for free!!!!

Meanwhile, he forgets to mention EVERY other AAA game has and is doing the very same thing. Always has and always will. Season passes, Collectors Editions, DLC day one, it's all there.

He also forgets that that DLC is very important to the "real" fanbase of every game. Also as said in the story, this DLC adds 3 more hours of game play.... massive!

He also forgets that DLC on avg is $5.00. Which is cheaper then that McDonald's value meal he eats everyday.

Again, it's for the fans and no one is forced or has to buy DLC, Collectors Editions,etc,etc,etc at anytime.

Yet in this same story is talks about the on going issues with GTA5. Which millions paid $60 for and has been broke all to hell. Glitches in the single player, and broken online that also has glitch exploits. Just look on youtube for the countless videos. Great $60 spent thus far....

matrixman921832d ago

+1 well said...there is nothing I can add to this conversation, ZBlacktt has said it all...goodbye

Yi-Long1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

@ZBlack: Actually, I don't buy ANY games from ANY developers when they are DLC-milking. I've mentioned that already many MANY times in the past.

I will normally just wait till a GOTY gets released, and IF I'm still interested by then, I'll scoop it up from the bargain-bin for 20 bucks orso.

Money isn't the problem. The principle is.I'm not going to pay 80-90+ bucks just to get the 'complete' experience. It's not going to happen.

Have you seen the stuff they've announced for Arkham Origins yet!? Bunch of skins, and a SP campaign, and I believe a few challenge maps. That's it. I absolutely love Batman and I loved the first two games, but there's no way I'll buy it at release for full price. I'm a patient guy. I can wait.

I don't mind paying 50-60 bucks for a game, but not if 3 seconds after launch the developers are already hitting me up for more money with content that often could have easily been included in the retail-release. In fact, I'll go out of my way to boycot those devs and tell friends to do the same, pointing them to more worthy alternatives.

You have fun paying 80-90 bucks or more to play these games on day 1. I'm a patient guy with a huge backlog, and I can easily wait till there's a deal I'm comfortable with.And again, IF I'm even still interested by then.

So very many developers easily could have gotten 50-60 bucks from me if they would have just said the DLC-support would be free (if there is DLC). In the end, many of them haven't gotten ANY of my money.

Not to mention the promise of free DLC means gamers will be more willing to buy the game on day 1 for ful price, and also that they'll be more willing to hang on to that game, knowing in a few months time they'd be getting new free content. It would certainly help against the whole 2nd hand sales thing devs/publishers are always complaining about.

ZBlacktt1832d ago

You say milking. Again, your whole understanding is just wrong. But ok... Rather then come on here and post hate. Why not just sit back and wait to buy it like you said. At the end of the year. But that goes back to saying that you do still buy it. You just wait longer to get it cheaper.

Money isn't the issue. Then again, don't hate on something others don't see as a issue. You just want it cheaper so you chose to sit out and wait longer to get it.

Like you and I both are saying now. Everyone does it. So you don't see it worth it. Again, no one is forcing gamers to buy anything at anytime. It's not part of the game you are buying. It's something made in addition to for the diehard fans of the game. It's their money and their choice right? You can always do like you are and sit out and wait until it goes for cheaper at a later date.

The developers in most all cases like we see are giving out free DLC and free download in game content when pre ordering. So we get free right off the bat for nothing. When DLC is made at the start, it's just something extra for those that want it. It's not ruining the game you are buying. So it is not necessary to have. But for many, its not looked at as adding to the total amount of the game. They are fans of the game to begin with. So paying that extra $5 means nothing compared to the reward they get back. It's choices between DLC or Collectors Editions for them.

At the end of the day, you still buy it. Just not at the beginning. But the end of the year. So often waiting out some 7, 8 months experience often saves you what, $10, $15. Again, the cost of a footlong Subway meal. All this is so cheap to me, I've never seen the big deal as I'm getting what I pay for. So just spend what you want when you want.

With AC4, it's becoming so incredibly long. A 100+ hour game, pre order game missions that's a few hours, free hour for PS3 and PS4 gamers in exclusive game play and this announced DLC that's 3 more hours long. So for what could be $65 people are going to have some 105 to 110 hours of gaming which is a damn good deal if you ask me. Plus the Next Gen game version is built to Next Gen game specs. Not some cheap port up.

Yi-Long1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

You're kidding me, right!?

Ok, first of all, waiting a year orso, doesnt save you 10-15 bucks. It often saves you at the least 50% of the new-price of the bare-bones release. Howver, the newer release often comes with the extra DLC content, which if you had bought it full-price, would have probably cost you around 80-90+ bucks.

Let's say a game plus all DLC will cost you 80-90 bucks when you buy everything on day one.

Ok, buy the GOTY a year later, and it's 30-40 bucks. You can do the math.

And for the money you save from being a bit patient, you can buy a lot MORE games. Thus supporting a whole lot more developers, while enjoying a whole lot more games.

BTW, I picked up Assassin's Creed 2 GOTY back then for like 12-13 bucks. New. And it was fantastic. So great in fact, that I was very much interested in picking up Brotherhood and (later) Revelations, but because of the DLC, I didn't, and in the end I didn't even bother picking up any 'complete' releases either for those games. Ubisoft COULD have made 50-60 bucks from me, but by being greedy, they ended up with NONE of my money.

And more and more developers are starting to see that more gamers like me are fed up with the whole DLC-milking, and are less willing to support their product from day 1 for full price, because of it.

Capcom is a good example where it's lost a whole lot of fans (customers) because they know they'd be buying a product that will be getting a bigger and better version within a year orso. People will just wait instead. And rightly so.

You also didn't counter my argument that free DLC-support would very well battle the 2nd hand market.
If Arkham Origins get released for 60 bucks, and I know all DLC willbe free, I'll buy it for 60 bucks on day 1. And I wouldn't SELL it when I'm done with it, because I know in a few months there will be more content coming, thus expanding the life-spand and thus enjoyment I get from the game. Thus avoiding a copy to hit the 2nd hand market, while providing an incentive for much more people to buy on day 1 for full price.

About the argument that it's free pre-order content: Often the pre-order content differs from retailer to retailer, so even if you pre-order it, you'll still miss out on some content that was exclusive to some other retailer.

Like I said, Assassin's Creed 4 looks extremely promising, but soonest I might find out how it plays will be late next year. And I don't mind waiting, cause like I said, my backlog is HUGEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee (60+ games orso, at least).

Edit: Oh, and to be clear. I don't hate ALL DLC. I hate the milking DLC. The costumes, the skins, the mediocre add-ons, The missing chapters (AC2), etc etc.

You look at Batman Origins, and you can tell those skins are already done and ready to go, and same thing probably goes for the Bruce Wayne maps. That's just not OK with me. That just means it easily could have been included in the retail-release, but they 'ripped' that content from the game, purely to 'milk' you for some extra bucks.

ZBlacktt1832d ago

Lets forget it.... some people just think the way they do no matter what. I'm aware, been around a long time.

Goro1832d ago

This is the third submission about this news.

topgun331831d ago

is it me, but if this is online news for assasins creed, why do they have a picture of gta on the insert?