Iwata says Nintendo doesn’t fear failure

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talks of challenging the status quo, how failures make a stronger company, and the success of Japanese games in the Western world.

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ArchangelMike1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Is that an admission of defeat? It is true that failure is not to be feared. No one ever learned to walk by never falling. I'm sure Nintendo have got the funds to be able to wipe off the whole Wii U investment, and start again with a 'proper' next-gen console.

Concertoine1838d ago

ive said it a million times, but killing the wii u would put their future in much more danger than supporting it. it would destroy their image, and consumer loyalty. I, as a wii u owner, would NOT buy another nintendo system if nintendo showed no faith in the one i bought less than a year ago. even if they did release it, by the time it was conceptualized everyone would be happy with their ps4's and xbox one's.

snipermk01838d ago

"Nintendo doesn't fear failure"

Take about being arrogant.

cyguration1838d ago

Not to mention the Wii U isn't even that far behind the PS4/XB1 in terms of tech. The graphical differences will still be negligible compared to PC, so graphic whores shouldn't even make that an issue.

As for the games... the Wii U has a ton of cool games on the horizon, so all these naysayers they need to "start over" need to get their head out of the clouds and realize that 'X', Bayonetta 2, Project CARS and plenty of high-end games are right around the corner for the Wii U. Nintendo would be stupid to abandon the console now.

wiiuniverse1838d ago

well said i would like to see any one who says that run a company as CEO lol. killing the wii u is the worst thing they can do right now

Timesplitter141838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Iwata doesn't fear death. He will kamikaze on Sony and will be declared god among men by Nintendo

360ICE1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Judging by Skylanders: Swap Force, Wii U is much closer to PS3 and 360 than to PS4. Judging by every game released on Wii U up until now, actually. Mario Kart looks really nice though, so I'm not saying it can't improve. It's just that games like The Division, Destiny and The Order are already shown for the PS4 (and XONE) so I think the difference is going to be pretty noticeable.

Also, take a quick look at this comparison:

I wouldn't call the differences between them subtle. Nor would I call myself a graphics whore, but I do like hardware to take a big step after seven years.

Eonjay1838d ago

Somehow I don't think the investors and shareholders share his zeal for failure.

slivery1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )


No offense, although I know many will take it as so. I really don't like hearing people say the hardware differences between the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One are not that big. Even I know that is not true owning one, you must know what is in the systems you purchase right? I do.

It actually is pretty big. When you are comparing a 3 core system with 2GB RAM to 8 core systems with 8GB of RAM, even if these were just PC's that would be a significant difference in how they perform. No matter how you look at it that is a pretty big difference when it comes to computing performance. Now I am not saying Wii U games look like crap, they don't and some of them look excellent. The fact is that there will be a pretty big graphical difference let alone differences in what can be done in these games between the Wii U compared to the PS4 and Xbox One. The hardware differences are big.

It is basically the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 all over again but that isn't a bad thing as it never stopped the Wii from selling like hotcakes. I don't know why people even bother defending the Wii U's power knowing all this when it's rare except like with two instances that Nintendo has ever had the most powerful hardware. People should just be used to it by now.

Especially later on down the line it will show greatly with the PS4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo fans were never about graphics, it does get a little annoying now that Nintendo finally makes a more advanced system that is all I hear about. When those same fans would have crapped on anyone before who talked about graphics as if they were stupid for doing so and that game play is all that mattered. Now they are the same as everyone else going on about 1080p 60fps all the time as if that defines a good game.

I also hate hearing people say power doesn't matter but then why do people buy new systems time and time again if that was the case, why do these console makers even imrpove the hardware every time? Of course power is not everything and graphics are not either but it can be just as important.

What sense would that make if lets say Nintendo just released the Wii U with the same specifications of the Wii but just with new games? It wouldn't make any sense and people would be complaining that the hardware has not changed.

Better hardware leads to better games. It really is that simple everything in the world improves not matter how minimal it may be (cough phones), again I'm not saying every good game has to be some graphical beast either, I love tons of games from 2D or 3D. Point being people care about having better hardware.

Developers themselves would not be happy to be working on the same hardware every so odd years. It just wouldn't make sense.

As far as everyone thinking Nintendo should just make another system, I agree with you that is just stupid. I just cannot agree that the Wii U is close hardware wise to the PS4 and Xbox One because just from a technical point of view it is not close at all really.

PoSTedUP1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

nintendo consoles have been on a decline since the NES. despite the surge they had with their wii, that they marketed the hell out of with their wii motes, they are on the same if not slightly lesser track that they have been on for the last 2 decades (as far as consoles that is).

really. they need a new strategy. jump off of marios **** hes has been losing his mojo for some time now on consoles, says the sales. start using new IPs, be more creative, all people see in nintendo is mario and zelda and wii sports, they arent going to hold up much longer. bring a huge pokemon game to your console or something. buy some exclusives if you have to. they need to look at their pattern and realize the wii wasent a true success, it didnt instill value and longevity in the consumer like sony has done with ps1 & 2, it was just a gimmick and they are feeling it right about now. id hate to see them go as much as id hate to have another generation where i see no reason to own a ninendo console.

for reference:
nes: 61m
snes: 44m
n64: 32m
gameC: 24m
wii: 100m (i Wonder why..)/s
wiiU: not looking good at all...

some#'s could be off by mill or two.

they need to do something and fast b4 they turn into a handheld only manufacture and publisher/ devloper. i wanna see nintendo pull through, but i also want them to want Me as a consumer. they turned their backs on the hardcore, when the hardcore gamer was probably all that was left supporting them with the n64 and GC, then they marketed their gimmick, now they have no gimmick, nor a sturdy fanbase of console gamers...

awesomeabe19981838d ago

@Silvery I just had to read till the part talking about cores and Ram.

The Wii U only has 3 cores and PS4 8 cores, but each Wii U core out pergorms each PS4 core by a significant amount. That amount is at least 2x.

Next is Ram. Let me ask you a question. How big is the difference between Wii U and PS3 at the moment? People say not much. Now tjink about this. That gap between the PS3 and Wii U is the same as the gap between the Wii U and PS4. PROOF:

PS3: 512 MB OF RAM

You do notice that the Wii U is 4 times as powerful as PS3 and that the PS4 is 4 times as powerful as Wii U. The gap is not that big. Nintendo leaped over a generation of graphics. They jumped from an enhanced Gamecube (Wii) to a Full HD graphical system running at 60 FPS (Wii U)

I made my point.

HeavenlySnipes1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )


None of that matters if devs are making the WiiU version of cross gen games be equivalent to the current gen versions. Watchdogs and Assassin's Creed on the WiiU will mirror the PS3 and 360 versions

I've yet to see a dev show any PS4/X1/WiiU games. The only time the WiiU gets a multiplat is if its on the PS3 and 360 as well

The big multiplat next gen games are all excluding the WiiU save a couple that will perform AND look better on either the X1 or PS4. There is almost no third party support, the console gets games in the same quality as 7 year old hardware, and the price is $50 less than the PS4.

In actuality, the WiiU is boosting the likelihood of people buying a PS4 by providing a huge upgrade between a cheaper console (360 or PS3) and a premium more expensive one.

Applying this to a real life proven study, people are more likely to buy a large popcorn for $7 at the movies over a small popcorn for $3 IF they are also given the option of a medium popcorn for $6.50 (yes you read that right). People would rationalize that getting the large would be a deal because its "only 50 cents more than a medium". Given only a small vs large however (think Wii vs PS3/360) people are more likely to choose the small because the large is almost double the price

The Wii did well because it was considerably cheaper than the other consoles, whereas the WiiU is a "medium" console, inbetween the current and next gen ones, making it undesirable.

(I major in psychology btw)

andrewer1838d ago

@snipermk0 arrogant? wtf? fear is one of the greatest obstacles to anyone, if they don't fear failure that means they are ready to put everything at risk for their costumers and innovation. I can only admire that, can't understand why people think like you...

awesomeabe19981838d ago


Do you think Nintendo needs as much third party support as Sony or MS?

Nintendo can come up with a great game from any genre.

The Wii U is 150 dollars less than PS4. Your fanboyism is so obvious. I was talking only about graphics. How did u get games into this idk.

Locknuts1838d ago

Yeah pretty much. It would destroy any faith in Nintendo supporting their own consoles and launch sales would be non-existent.

AbortMission1838d ago

Are they even supporting the Wii u?

10 bucks that the 2014 lineup is the ENTIRE lineup for that year. I'm calling it.

badz1491838d ago


"PS3: 512 MB OF RAM

You do notice that the Wii U is 4 times as powerful as PS3 and that the PS4 is 4 times as powerful as Wii U..."

yeah, because 1.5GB difference is TOTALLY the same as 6GB difference! /s

how many times should it be said that the amount of RAM is NOT the definition of "power" for a machine before people can understand? if you're talking TFLOPS, then sure, that might give a slight idea of a machines's power but RAM? not so much!

oh...and for the record, the PS4 has theoretical power 1.5TFLOPS more than the Wii U. seems small, right? but if you consider the fact that the PS3 has < 300 GFLOPS performance, the Wii U is actually < 2x more powerful than the PS3 but the PS4 is almost 6x more powerful than the PS3.

Ol_G1837d ago

All the people saying they should abandon it probably can't even imagine what would happen if they did that
You're right if they abandoned it i would never buy a Nintendo product again their image would break down like a cardhouse
People saying this kind of stuff are usually little kids who didn't grew up/don't care about Nintendo sad really

RGB1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Jesus people don't know what they're talking about here;

PS3: CELL 160 GFLOP/s & RSX 176 GFLOP/s. 336 GFLOP/s. - RAM XDR + GDDR3 25 GB/s.
WiiU: IBM Tri-core 15 GFLOP/s & AMD GPU 352 GFLOP/s. 367 GFLOP/s. - RAM DRR3 12.8 GB/s + EDRAM 70.4 GB/s.
PS4: AMD 8-core 102.4 GFLOP/s & AMD GPU 1843 GFLOP/s. 1945.4 GFLOP/s. - RAM GDDR5 176 GB/s.

WiiU is only slightly more power than PS3, this is due to the extremely dated and poor CPU. It uses 2 32-bit floating-point modules, they produce 4 FLOPs per second per CPU. 4 FLOP/s x 3 cores x 1.25GHz = 15 GFLOP/s.

PS4's CPU uses a Two-way 128-bit wide floating-point module that produces 8 FLOPs per second per CPU. 8 FLOP/s x 8 cores x 1.6GHz = 102.4 GFLOP/s.

PS4's CPU is 6.8x better in just computational power, never mind it's vastly superior architecture.

WiiU's GPU is 352 GFLOP/s, 550MHz x 320 cores x 2 cycles per instruction = 352 GFLOP/s.
PS4's GPU is 1843 GFLOP/s, 800*MHz* x 1152 x 2 cycles per instruction = 1843 GFLOP/s.
PS4's GPU is 5.25x more powerful than WiiU's GPU.

WiiU's RAM DDR3 is 12.8 GB/s, 800MHz x 128-bit / 8 = 12.8 GB/s. EDRAM (unknown, *guess*) is 70.4 GB/s, 550MHz x 1024-bit / 8 = 70.4 GB/s.
PS4's RAM GDDR5 is 176 GB/s, 5.5GHz x 256-bit / 8 = 176 GB/s.

The gap between PS3 and WiiU is marginal at best.
PS4 is 5.3x more powerful than WiiU.

Edit for - PS4's GPU *MHz*.

SilentNegotiator1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

"Not to mention the Wii U isn't even that far behind the PS4/XB1 in terms of tec"

Still trying to convince yourself of that one, eh?

I guess it's just the fault of lazy developers (like Nintendo?) that there aren't any native 1080p games on Wii U that aren't 2D, a remaster, or 2.5D, or a racer, right? PS4 is going to have not only racers and fixed camera games in 1080p, but also games like Killzone:SF.

But then Wii U will catch up, right? Launch graphics are never the best! Wii U will improve, but PS4/Xbox will just sit there waiting for Wii U to catch up?

clouds51837d ago

Be careful when comparing an x86 system to a powerpc. You can't say look at 8 cores vs 3 and 8gb vs 2gb. Those things are the most insignificant parts when you compare processing power.
The problem I see with wii u is that it's gpu has some missing directx11 features. But it's all speculation we do not know enough about it at this point.

bobacdigital1837d ago

You have to realize the most risky and innovative things are done without fear of failure. Arrogance is a lot different than confidence.. They believe in their ability to make innovative and fun games.

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pogayoga11838d ago

The Wii U is struggling right now, but that doesn't mean they should kill it. They just need more 1st party software to increase interest in the console.

Wait until SM3DW, DKC:TF, and SSB Wii U are released and then make an accurate judgement of the system.

Campy da Camper1838d ago

The new super Mario and Mario kart look fun as heck. Sure, my main gaming will be on the ps4 but my bedroom has a wiiu and I always play an hour or two a night on it to help me unwind from long, intense gaming sessions in my living room.

Beastforlifenoob1837d ago

wait until this wait until that... Yeah WII U fanbois are always saying that.

Let me tell you, wait for the PS4 and then see what happens, spoiler alert WII U dies a miserable death.

s8anicslayer1838d ago

Iwata is truely the last samurai

badvlad1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

oh no u didnt, chuck norris is knocking at ur door as we speak hes the last of evrything

Codey471838d ago

You really must be sniffing what Shallow Hal snorted.

Next, You'll be telling me flick from Bugs Life has secured his future as John Rambo in the next iteration of Rambo Films.

badvlad1838d ago Show
ZeekQuattro1838d ago

I said it before & I'll say it again. Yeah because abandoning Saturn in favor of the Dreamcast helped Sega immensely. I certainly remember the Dreamcast being a huge success for Sega & Peter Moore. I also remember how many consumers and devs were endured by Sega's actions. I mean who doesn't love it when a device they just bought or worked on gets discontinued abruptly. Come on! Come on! Get serious! lmao

dragongod641838d ago

Let your Wii U die or make a game that proves your console does not suck. Pokemon MMO RPG, Metroid prime Galesy (15 worlds the size of Metroid prime 3 "2 Player +"), Mario Kart: Eat My Dust (50 + courses, Every thing from dinosaur land in to the sky down in to a vocano out in to the center of the earth in to a space ship that will space jump to outer space. You get my point every thing. :) ), There a so many people saying there ideas, take them make games we want OR Maka a console that can handle the games I am listing.
Don't get me wrong I love nintendo I got there list: Wii, gamecube, Snes & nes still. love nintendo, hate Wii U.

-Foxtrot1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

The Nintendo defending in the comments here is off the chart....why is it people don't want to admit that Nintendo is slowly going down a slippery slope.

I get defending comments that say things like "Nintendo f***** sucks" etc as it's exgerated and immature but the business decisions they've been making since the end of the Wii's lifespan is ridiculous.

Iwata is the problem and he needs to go...I don't care how he made the Wii popular or brought the handheld market up in the past, thats the PAST, at the minute he's holding Nintendo back from an evolving market which I hope if there is a new guy he'll get on board with this. First thing is to get a stable online network for the console matching the PSN and XBL.

PopRocks3591838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

"The Nintendo defending in the comments here is off the chart....why is it people don't want to admit that Nintendo is slowly going down a slippery slope."

I love this double standard that people who like Nintendo are not allowed to point it out when a ton of people crap on Nintendo but it's A-OK to pull that stupid "Look at all the Nintendo defense" card.

Edit: Frankly I don't think Nintendo is on a downward climb. I just believe they pulled the wrong moves with Wii U and are paying for it. And frankly I don't have to think otherwise; that's my opinion on the matter and until some objective facts are presented to suggest otherwise, I'm not following the gut feelings of those who are already incredibly cynical.

And furthermore, I think Iwata deserves far more respect and recognition than most people give him. I agree he probably should not run everything, but to say he "needs to go" is a ludicrously immature and narrow minded way of viewing the matter.

Edit 2: @below

"I just said defending a company which clearly have issues is silly."

So let me get this straight, it doesn't matter what the context is, the simple act of defending Nintendo is silly... that's a strawman argument if I've ever heard one.

I agree Nintendo needs to change things; I've already written blogs ranting about my issues with their online and account efforts. But I don't agree that Iwata has to go or that they need to discontinue Wii U in favor of a new console, or go third party or any other retarded thing I've heard this community spew time and time again.

If I may offer some constructive criticism, I can tell there was no malicious intent behind your comment, but I don't think it was presented very well. It came off as ignorant and left a bitter taste in my mouth.

-Foxtrot1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

"I love this double standard that people who like Nintendo are not allowed to point it out"

I never said you could, I never once said "You guys are NOT allowed to say how much you love Nintendo" or tell off obvious haters

I just said defending a company which clearly have issues is silly. It doesn't help the company and it doesn't help gamers in general. I like Nintendo I just can see that they can do better and if you go along putting you fingers in your ears and pretending like nothing is wrong then Nintendo won't want to do anything to help themselves. It just comes off fanboy-ish at the end of the day.

"when a ton of people crap on Nintendo"

As I've said above in my original comment

"I get defending comments that say things like "Nintendo f***** sucks" etc as it's exgerated and immature"

Come on please, don't get so ticked off over nothing.


"Frankly I don't think Nintendo is on a downward climb. I just believe they pulled the wrong moves with Wii U and are paying for it."

Urmmmmm yeah same thing difference is they are still making silly decisions even now. They are still not doing enough to help themselfs and secure the Wii Us future.

"is a ludicrously immature and narrow minded way of viewing the matter."

Not really it's bussiness.

Let me tell you something if he was at any other company and he f***** up as much with the Wii U and Nintendo in general recently he would of be forced to resign or sacked either straight away or very soon after.

Shnazzyone1838d ago

Nope. Means the wii U will be pure labor of love like n64. Wii U could be looked back to as some one of the greatest systems for nintendo. Because they're making games just because they wanna. Wii gave em' the money pad to just focus on kicking butt. Not becoming number 1.

ritsuka6661838d ago

People here on N4G fail to remember that 360 and PS3 had a pretty terrible launch as well? Man some people just seem to bash Nintendo every chance they get and it needs to stop.

Beastforlifenoob1837d ago

Yeah but they had the latest&greatest hardware

WII U hardware is far outdated (probs around 6 years)

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iamnsuperman1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Yes failure can make a company stronger but only if they are willing to adapt. This is my major problem with Iwata. I do not think he is a good CEO when he says

"If you do the same thing as others, it will wear you out. Nintendo is not good at competing so we always have to challenge [the status quo] by making something new, rather than competing in an existing market."

Look we all like something new. Something new is great but the problem is this quote shows a lack of understanding of the market. You have to compete and make your company compete. You can do that by bringing new things in but you make sure that idea is suitable to the market needs/wants.

I personally think this quote shows how short sighted he is. It is all about the long game not the short game which the Wii is a perfect example of the short game. It was a fantastic idea but now they are playing catch up with sorting out how to develop games in HD and online services (something its competitors have been doing for 6 years).

Concertoine1838d ago

im glad nintendo doesn't just make a black box that plays the same stuff as everything else with the odd exclusive, but some of the choices they make regarding stuff like region locking, refusing to discount their damn games years after they came out, and the generally slow pace they're doing everything on the wii u right now is rather frustrating. in other words, i like the wii u, i just don't like the way nintendo's treating it.
i don't hate iwata as much as a lot of people, but i do feel some more forward thinking minds could benefit the company.

truechainz1838d ago

Hit the nail right on the head. I have read a few company reviews, and they claim there is a pretty solid disconnect between upper and middle management. New ideas are not as easily accepted depending on where they come from. I think Nintendo would benefit from have a more balanced management structure.

Beastforlifenoob1837d ago

Actually they do make the same as the rest of Nintendos "white" boxes.
Milked mario (over 100 mario games from tennis to racing to Dr mario)
MIlked zelda franchise
tonnes of remasters (yes Ps3 has these to but their not the 'main' games of the system wheras wii u fankids always say cant wait for remaster of this or that it will be a system seller.)
Outdated hardware
Gimmiks (wii mote, WII U touchpad not even capacittive LOOLLLLLL is this 2003?)
Childish games (barely any Nintendo games feature mature and dark storylines.)
Pokemon milked franchise, there are about 30 pokemon games.


NYC_Gamer1838d ago

Nintendo needs to start getting rid of dead weight

PopRocks3591838d ago

The man who helped create the Wii and DS shortly after the failure that was the GCN is considered dead weight? The same CEO who took a 50% cut in his salary instead of laying off developers is DEAD WEIGHT?!

Jesus Christ, what the hell is a GOOD CEO to you?

Concertoine1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

from a financial perspective iwata is the most lucrative CEO in gaming history, but the fan's faith in him has waned since the wii. as fans we shouldnt focus on his financial strides (that's nintendo's job) but his shortcomings when it comes to delivering what WE want.
in my opinion he's starting to get on the right track, and i think he can deliver an excellent console with wii u but i'd like to see him relegated to the handheld division or return to producing games after this gen, if not during.

deafdani1838d ago

Bobby Kotick. I hear he's a nice guy. ^_^

lilbroRx1837d ago

"The fans" faiths in him hasn't waned at all. The only people who dislike Iwata are people who want Nintendo to fail, Nintendo haters in other words.

The Wii U is starting to pick up steam with sells in the U.S. being on the same level as the PS3/360/3DS now.

They just need to get it up to those levles in Europe and Japan and all that will take is the right games.

Iwata is doing a great job.

SnakeCQC1838d ago

In other words they embrace it?

LOL_WUT1838d ago

It's been with the company ever since the Gamecube they just got lucky with the Wii that's all. ;)

lilbroRx1837d ago

The Wii, and the GBA, and DS, and the 3DS.

Also, the Gamecube made profit in case you forgot(or more than likely never knew).

Nintendo haters are like Republicans. They live in a different reality.

Your comment is ignorance at its prime. lol, what!? :)

king_george1838d ago

I think nintendo will learn from their mistakes with the wii u. You cant rely on casuals all the time. Sure they are a big group but they arent a consistant group. However, because of the 3ds, nintendo arent in trouble quite yet. That things selling like crazy

Yep1838d ago

Can people like you who don't even know why the Wii U is selling the way it is stop acting like they do?

You even sound like you're serious.

king_george1838d ago

Dude... chill. Im not pretending to be some "know it all" im just expressing my thoughts on the matter. Believe it or not i am a nintendo fan and wish them nothing but the best but its obvious they're struggling with this console. And so what if i was serious? Jesus christ man... IMO they have two main problems with this console: lack of console moving software and lack of focus. This is just my two cents theres no need for hostility.

Yep1838d ago

Don't take it personally, it's not about being a Nintendo fan or not. You literally have no clue what you're talking about when you say they've been selling the system to casuals when all the while barely any games that everyone can enjoy exist on the console.

Most people argue that this is their problem.

king_george1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I have no clue.... -_- ok. Well if they werent trying to sell it to casuals then who were they trying to sell it to? Cuz it sure as heck wasnt the hardcore gamer thats for sure.. im sorry but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize that new super mario bros u, wii fit u, mario and sonic at the olympic winter games, wii party u, and several others are not hardcore games. When you say they havent been marketing it to the casuals i just dont get it because lets be honest... they have. Now im not saying thats a bad thing because hey there should be games for everyone. But nintendo hasnt done enough to sway more hardcore gamers and i (and several others im sure) believe that contributes greatly to their slow sales. Anyways, seeing as this is my last bubble i just wanted to apologize if i offended anyone in here. Im not usually this vocal at all but i just wanted to get my point across. And acesonnall, if u wanna keep chatting feel free to pm me. Im interested in ur views on nintendo

@Below: look dude im out of bubbles.. so im kinda forced to stop yes. But i'll say one last thing: a lot of those games on that link are already on both the ps3 and 360 or another system. So why would ur average joe buy a whole new console for them? Nintendo hasnt provided enough AMAZING first party hardcore games exclusive to their system. Thats all im saying but ur missing my point completely. Whatever. Again, if u wanna debate some more feel free to pm me

Yep1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

The ten consists of mostly core current gen titles. What Nintendo needed is at the top of that list. They need more first parties. Most of which were absent at launch this year.

I don't actually think you're an idiot and I probably shouldn't have spoke the way I originally did, but this is what I was trying to point out.

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