Shadow Warrior PJ review

PJ: "The original Shadow Warriors was released in 1997, based on an improved Duke Nukem 3D engine with the much-vaunted addition of ninjas and tongue-in-cheek racism. I remember sitting in front of my computer screen and snorting out loud: "Lo Wang? What an absolutely ridiculous-sounding name"...said the kid called Mok Xiang. However, almost unsurprisingly, I found the game to be one of the most viscerally exciting and downright fun games that has ever graced my hands, giving me what you would get if you combined Quake with katanas. Now, the recent remakes of classics within the gaming industry has produced a mixed bag of results, ranging from the genuinely good, such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, to the atrocious - Duke Nukem: Forever. Where does Shadow Warrior fall? Read on to find out."

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