Report: Foxconn using forced student labor to build Sony’s PS4

If reports in the Chinese press are to be believed, Sony’s next-gen games console may be being assembled using some very outdated labor practices. According to Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily, thousands of students from an IT engineering program at the Xi’an Institute of Technology are being forced to work at Foxconn’s Yantai plant assembling the Sony Playstation 4. Students have been told if they refuse to participate, they lose six course credits, which effectively means they will not be able to graduate.

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allformats1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

If true, then as usual, it's Foxconn's fault, and not Sony's. Plus the title is misleading. The students aren't being forced, this is an unpaid internship for class credits.

Plus, to be fair, in any major manufacturing environment where orders are tight man power gets pulled from every available source to meet demand.

JoGam1834d ago

Flame Bait to the 10 Power. Smh

Abash1834d ago

This is just an article trying to pathetically rain on the parade of the PS4 and the insane hype and anticipation for it.

Sorry, only one more month till I enjoy my PS4!

gameonbro1834d ago

glad yall recognize flamebait when its ps4 news while if it was xb1 news it would have 5000 degrees by now

its called it happened but its nothing new foxconn has a history.

bintarok1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Sony ( & others) should've been aware of that and stop dealing with Foxconn, this kind of report has been around for a few years now.

10% of X1 parts come from Foxconn too, the rest comes from Flextronics (pegatron)

Eonjay1834d ago

Lol because the college transcript needs to show that you have 6 credits in Building PlayStations 101. Lol not buying it. There is probably a course in computer assembly but it could probably be applied to building anything.

rainslacker1834d ago

I've done a couple internships in my time, and I can say at neither of them did I do anything remotely close to what my field of study was, nor did I really learn anything about how to do anything in my field of study. Both were crap internships where I did grunt work in the hopes of learning something one day. At one I did manage to start doing some actual course related work near the end, but it was bottom barrel and below my skill-set.

I will say that I was paid for both of them though. Not much, but at least it was something.

I will say though, both were the best experiences of my life, and in both cases I made connections I couldn't have made otherwise. The game design related job eventually led me to do what I do today.

slampunk1834d ago


Bit hypocritical coming from you?

One of the biggest N4G fanboys calling "flame bait"


UltimateMaster1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

In case nobody knew Foxconn, they make part for EVERY PC/Electronic hardware.

So just saying it's the PS4 isn't accurate, last year it was talking how children were doing Wii Us and how they manage not to get a high failure rate.

Xbox One, PCs, iPhones, all being assemble in the same place.

xHeavYx1833d ago

@ Punk
I love it when trolls attack me because they are hurt.A lot of harsh words but never facts

The_Con-Sept1833d ago

@ gameonbro: this is only a producer of the PS4 units and not Sony. Besides I don't see you caring about the sweatshop behind your purchases at any store you visit. Check the barcode on your items that you purchase. If the first three numbers are not between 003 to 009 then it was made in a sweat shop.

badz1491833d ago

we've heard this with Apple, right? when will Foxconn learn? more like NEVER!

nukeitall1833d ago

Gotta cheap that PS4 cheap somehow!

In all seriousness, this has little to do with Sony. When third party manufacturers try to do shady things, it isn't within Sonys control.

The fact that Sony fangirls vote that this can't be true is an insult to the people this is happening too.

This isn't right, and clearly these students are being forced to work as assembly line workers to gain school credit that they pay for to get an education!


FamilyGuy1833d ago

Wow these lucky bastards get to be the first with hands-on access to the retail units and they show no appreciation whatsoever?

For shame, smh


aCasualGamer1833d ago

I wish i could build some PS4 for class credits =( (would probably take one of them home aswell Muhahahah!)

SilentNegotiator1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

"thousands of students from an IT engineering program at the Xi’an Institute of Technology"

OH NOOOOOO! IT College students forced to do hands on work with electronics and understand the inner working of the labor used to assemble the parts they will be designing??!?

This is madness! Sit them down for some slide shows and then send them out in to the real world with no experience like a REAL college!

China has some ridiculous labor issues, but pegging something like this as "forced labor" is pretty extreme.

SilentNegotiator1833d ago

Actually, I think I was mistaken. IT engineering often has to do with software and networks, from what I understand after some research. But still, I've had to do less related things to my degree than an IT engineer understanding assembly.

It's not going to be the best use of some of the students time, depending on what they end up doing, but again, "forced labor" is an extreme interpretation.

andrewsqual1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

@gameonbro And yet again somebody has to jump to the Xbone's defense when nobody even brings it up first.

ThanatosDMC1833d ago

As long as they can make more, im not complaining.

strifeblade1833d ago

Foxcom's fault? sony hired them because they got a good deal. Guess why they got a good deal? because they pay these students crap. So yeah think twice before you say dumb things, you get what you pay for and that's business. You wanna be an ignorant consumer be my guest.

inveni01832d ago

At our local community college, students in the culinary school cook food that is then sold to people. Guess how much the students get paid.

Right. Nothing.

This same thing happens in the US.

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Godmars2901834d ago

Regardless of the product, if its the difference of having to pay more for said product because the workers are paid a pair wage and using slave labor by any name - THERE SHOULDN'T EVEN BE A FREAKIN' QUESTION!

Its really insulting to the ideals of humanity and modern culture that we have a situation of a communist nation exploiting its people in favor of capitalist from democratic countries which, in the past at least, have raised public complaint about human rights.

Software_Lover1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I just dont understand it man. Our governments, politicians, leaders, are always telling us how they care about people but they let too many things slide for the all mighty dollar. It's sickening.

I understand the U.N. wants us to have a world economy, that is another discussion for another day, but these gaming machines, and other products all together, need to be made where a decent wage is paid and the conditions are fair. Even if we have to pay just a little extra.

nukeitall1833d ago

I find that very ironic!

That is because the very idea of "humanity & modern culture" doesn't take into account that humans are greedy by nature!

2cents1833d ago

I agree Godmars.

What really gets my goat is that there is such a high level of unemployment in these capitalist countries, yet these manufacturers expect those same people and others to buy their products at a premium price but yet instead of the manufactures pumping their own cash back into the economy that are a part of, they send the money abroad to pay for slave labour in 3rd world countries.

The biggest commodities that we are surrounded by are produced and manufactures abroad, costing our countries 1000's of potential jobs. Clothing shoes electronics cars etc. it's just mental.

Considering the disgusting levels of profit these fu*kers make, dishing out that money to a handful of CEO's and directors, they should be cutting their profit margin and using that money to pay for salaries to workers in the country that the product is intended for. Could go on about this forever but I'll stop there.

This is a really messed up world we live in.

Muerte24941834d ago

Wonder why (Iamnsuperman, submitter) chose to title the article this way? He could have easily left Sony and PS4 out, or added Microsoft and Xbox One. You're probably wearing shirt and shoes that were made by 8 year olds.

Also isn't that usually what being an intern at a company means? I thought the whole point was to gain experience?

iamnsuperman1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I titled it the way the author titled it. I am not changing anything or putting my own spin on it. I am following the guidelines. It isn't my work to edit as I am not the author.

darthv721834d ago

In submitting an article, i think you have to keep the title the same as the original source.

Plus, can you actually confirm "iamsuperman" (submitter) is "C. Custer" (author) of this piece?

Not every person who submits a piece is the originator of that piece.

On topic, Foxconn has been in the news for situations involving suicides at the factory. so while there are some who would go to one extreme (taking their own life) there looks to be other willing to fill that void left behind. Sad but true.

gamertk4211834d ago

Yeah, Muerte! Sick burn! I blame Cerny.

Godmars2901834d ago

Honestly, no one should be giving a damn whether its PS4s, XB1s, or shoes that are being made. This BS has been going on since before the 80s, the start of the Industrial Age, and sweatshops have only become more prevalent and public.

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MazzingerZ1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Well, I guess these kind of articles are the best people can come up with nowadays...I must accept the trolling before the PS3 launch had more style...well well, difficult to find something wrong with the incarnation of the PS2

Cloudyday711834d ago

Sony exploit innocent Chinese students into working for nothing just so they can up their production output. It is practically an abuse of human rights. I don't think Kaz Hirai authorized it but he is the boss and should know what is going on his factories.

This is why i prefer to get an Xbone. Microsoft is an American company that makes an American console creating all-American jobs. They respect their American staff and are ethical in how they treat them. Sony should sit up and take notes. When you buy Microsoft you are actually helping our country come out of recession.

Majin-vegeta1834d ago

Wow this is the dumbest sh*t I have read all day.Even dumber than the stuff that is going on over at Battlelog.

Lol yea so much for your American jobs ehh kiddo??

Aceman181834d ago

Hey cloudy you do know that both Xbox systems were built in china right?

Omg this is why other nations call us stupid smh.

MRMagoo1231834d ago

I am guessing cloudy was being sarcastic , if he isn't then that is by far one of the dumbest things i have ever read, and all you Americans can blame this guy along with others like him for other countries thinking Americans are stupid.

Bathyj1834d ago

This was sarcasm right? Its GOTTA be sarcasm!

Dude, you have to right the /s, otherwise people will just think youre dumb.

wenaldy1833d ago

You American is so dumb, get some education will ya'

AceBlazer131833d ago

I think that had to be the most idiotic comment I have ever read on this site and trust me I have read and made a few idiotic statements myself.

insomnium21833d ago

Yeah there's no other way of putting it. You are just dumb and ignorant.

solidjun51833d ago

Please tell me you're just joking? Please....
This is one of the dumbest comment posted on this website. My head hurts. -__-

Tru_Ray1833d ago

Your ignorance is astounding. Also, Microsoft is a multinational corporation with subsidiaries ALL OVER THE WORLD.


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speed3891834d ago

everyone is going to try and blame anything on sony so they can have some bad press... its not sonys falt Microsoft keeps digging there hole deeper and deeper. if microsoft wasnt in a bad spot with there x1 this story wouldent be up right now

Alvidta1834d ago

Bullshit. It would still pop up just like every other negative news about Xbox one.. and yet you brush aside any problem with PS4

Ch1d0r11834d ago

Sounds alot more fun than internships here in America, where its pretty much a gopher type job. Go for this, go for that...

mydyingparadiselost1834d ago

In plants like this you tend to work 16 hour days and live at work in a small room with multiple people. You know, the kind of conditions that cause people to throw themselves off rooftops to get time off.

MRMagoo1231834d ago

I worked in a pc repair shop for 2 years without pay just so i could get some experience in the field, 2 years of 60 hour weeks it was fun.

solar1834d ago

nothing is Sony or Apple or MS fault. heard that before

LiQuiZoN1834d ago

I hope they do a good job. Put your heart and soul into each box!

Pogmathoin1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Seriously, Foxconn have had issues for years, and this should not be happening, but if it said X1 in title, most of you would care less about these students and celebrate more bad news for X1. Its hard to be honest guys, eh? Man up, your silence screams fanboy....

Ashunderfire861833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Its the fault of Sony too, because they are allowing it to happen. Don't put the fault on just Foxconn. The sad thing is that many people from the west, just don't give a damn about it. They just want more like the customers they are. If it was the other way around they would understand.

GribbleGrunger1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It's great to see our enthusiasm for the PS4 has created opportunities for students. On behalf of these Japanese students, I'd just like to thank all the millions of people that have pre-ordered a PS4. Without your help, these students wouldn't get the education they deserve, and I wouldn't be getting my PS4 on time.

5eriously1833d ago

This was the best response I read in a long time Bubble uo for you buddy. Thanks for the laugh and love!

Magicite1833d ago

The Lucky Students :D Getting their hands first on PS4.

DA_SHREDDER1833d ago

Im so jealous. they get their hands on a ps4 way before me?!

sigfredod1833d ago

well having in consideration who posted this rumor is pretty clear what was his intention, only that backfire on him since sony has nothing to do with an internship on Foxconn

gintoki7771833d ago

Foxconn produces parts for the majority of popular electronics. Everybody has them (Iphones). They even put up nets to prevent people from committing suicide. China's economy gets a big boost from Child labor and is one of the reason they are manufacturing leaders.

SnakeCQC1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Aren't apple always using foxconn with MASSIVE orders on their annual iphones?

Jazz41081833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

why does sony keep using foxcon this has been a problem with them in the past and I would think they would want to assemble their project in Japan

MiloGarret1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Don't be ridiculous, it's always the responsibility of the final actor in a production chain to make sure that previous stages are handled correctly. It's Sony's exclusive responsiblity to make sure their suppliers comply with basic labor laws. Traceability is a core concept in a healthy manufacturing corporation. This is not healthy, and Sony is most certainly responsible. Just like Apple and H&M are responsible for building their operations on the sweat of child laborers.

Stop defending multinational corporations that don't deserve it. It's pathetic and sad.

the worst1833d ago


KnightRobby1833d ago

Unfortunately, it is not just Foxconn's fault. It is Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and other companies' involvement that generate these terrible working conditions. In fact, they probably adore Foxconn because 1) They generate a ton of product 2) They are super inexpensive 3) Anything illegal elsewhere is likely considered legal working conditions in China 4) China is so far out of sight and reach, no one - including the average consumer - is the wiser.

In other words, they have entered into an agreement to work massive amounts of people to work for super cheap in terrible conditions away from consumers' eyes. With the rise of the internet and communication, some people are becoming wise to it just like many other social and international issues.

come_bom1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Companies like Sony, Apple, etc, don't mind using Foxconn as long as they can keep the costs down. I blame those companies for the slavery practiced at Foxconn, because if those companies stooped using Foxconn, working conditions would drastically improve in those factories.

Companies as Sony, Apple, Microsoft, etc, are as much to blame as Foxconn for slave workers.

Dasteru1833d ago

You need to learn the meaning of the word internship.

"A student or a recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training."

Key words, supervised and practical.

According to this article, they are doing work that is unrelated to the careers they are suppose to be learning, and they are not being supervised. This is a full employee position they are being blackmailed into with threat of lost credits, so that the school can make money off them.

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iamnsuperman1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Is it really that hard to believe. Foxconn make a lot of products for a lot of companies and all I hear is bad things about their practises.

meatysausage1833d ago

probably exaggerated, however foxxconn have quite a bad rep, Ive heard some terrible stuff with apple products being made by foxconn.