Xbox One Area One Impressions by DSight

"Last week our friend Killer Rin provided a nice write up on the Xbox One Truck Tour and this week our other good friend DSight, who was on Episode 7: Earbuds and HDMIs of XVox, has gone to a private event in Toronto called "Area One" and has brought with him written impressions, pictures and video. Make sure if you have any questions regarding the impressions or of the event to leave them on the bottom of this article." - Xbox Uncut

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ovnipc1929d ago

Hell yeah! Xbox one day one! With dr3, ryse, cod, bf4 and watch dogs.

JackISbacK1929d ago

realy forza is best looking racing game

Animal Mutha 761929d ago

I have an xbox on order but tbh I'm just looking forward to both machines being out there so all of this bs and fanboyism can take a back seat to actually gaming (for a while).

I still maintain that both consoles will be more alike/similar than what the media have claimed, and I say that as someone who has played both machines and their launch titles at EGX.

What we need is PS4 and Xbox One BF4 on mixed servers. How good would that be!

neocores1929d ago

Would be cool but xbox live rules say it will never happen....But then again they always pull 180s

Animal Mutha 761929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I guess what some would call 180's others would call reacting to demand/public opinion. Each the same just one has a more negative connotation that the other for the purpose of stirring reaction and debate.
In the UK the term U-turn is used especially in situations where government policy is changed/reversed and, like '180', is also used as a means of belittling something.

And as for 'always' pulling them don't recall MS having a huge track record in that regard in terms of changes to XBL policies. Certainly the lifetime of 360 saw no major U-turns that I recall (although I'm willing to be proven wrong). The recent changes are on proposed product and services that are not actually live or in use yet so I would argue that its better to change them based on potential user feedback beforehand and in that regard MS should be given their dues for reacting as they did. I would same the same If Sony had also revised policies in the wake of opinion. Yes its a business decision but its also PR and that matters a great deal as Sony/MS will tell you from the first year of the 360/PS3 cycle - both had massive PR issues to resolve.

Fishy Fingers1929d ago

Animal, don't count on it, soon as those systems launch N4G will be a s*** storm once again. People arguing over which version of a multiplat no one even cares about looks better etc

Best thing about the close of this gen has been the reduction of fanboy BS.

Animal Mutha 761929d ago

I know mate. Its a sad reality but I like to hope that the hardcore haters will be busy for a month or two with their respective black box of choice.

N4G and SonyGAF are not the places they once were for fair minded discussion. I wish both machines a similar level of success this next gen as competition has proven to be very valuable to us consumers. Better products and services on both sides.

CRAIG6671929d ago

I find neogaf is much fairer than here in terms of blind fanboy hate, but at the end of the day fanboys are everywhere.

Xbox1 day1.
PS4 when something interests me enough to warrant the purchase.

tigertom531929d ago

This was a good news article, it really is a great made product and I cant wait to play tons of games with the new controller..

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