EPIC FAILThis Gen: Developers Allowing You To Reload Your Gun After Every Discharge?

SchollA from Console ControllUs where the console controls us writes:
Here’s a question that hasn’t been posed, (I don’t think) which is why do developers allow you to reload your gun after every discharge? Not only was it never a question posed, it never was questioned, either because gamers don’t care enough or didn’t notice enough (maybe after this article they’ll be like “oh yeah I can reload everytime I fire a bullet can’t I?). But for those gamers that do care you’re probably like me, you like the more realistic approach (when it applies of course).

I can’t believe I went this entire gen and am now noticing the way most developers handle reloading…SMH. Well…I probably did notice it earlier but may have written it off as an isolated incident or isolated incidents lmboo...

I asked Ace, (my brother) who is also a part of this site and somewhat of a gun aficionado if it is realistic to reload every time you shoot and here’s what he had to say:

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Dlacy13g1835d ago

while I dont get too hung up on this kind of thing I would like to see horror genre get more realistic about gun reload and ammo magazine management. In movies you get those epic moments of "I only have 3 bullets left in the mag how about you?". Having that kind of realism would lead to much more tension. It was one of the elements that The Last of Us tried to get right with bullet scarcity but alas on normal I never felt too pressed for ammo. I welcome a more realistic approach.

aliengmr1835d ago

Pretty much that^

There's a place for it, but not in every shooter. Not in any "shooter" really. Survival/Horror? Sure.

Kyosuke_Sanada1835d ago

I honestly would love more shooters follow Condemned concept of ammunition management......

Majin-vegeta1835d ago

The BF4 beta does it right.

15 bullets left.

Reload all 15 of those bullets are gone and a whole new magazine is put in.

thehobbyist1835d ago

Yeah but in Battlefield you have tons of ammo so it's all for null

Skate-AK1835d ago

Not in BF4. I run out of ammo all the time.

fsfsxii1835d ago

Why do people want everything to be so realistic??
Just enjoy games for what they're.