Music while-you-walk dropped from GTA IV

Some time ago, a number of magazines reported that you'd be able to listen to music while you walk around the streets of Liberty City using GTA IV's cell phone. Unfortunately, EGM has now confirmed that this feature has been axed from the final version of the game.

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Snoozer2823837d ago

Good, I want the songs only in cars because otherwise it'd get annoying for myself.

gaffyh3837d ago

That's not even a major feature...

Fishy Fingers3837d ago

Good? For you perhaps but the feature would of still been welcomed. It would of been optional anyway, you'd only turn it on if you wanted.

Exhaust3837d ago

I'll believe this when Rockstar says it.

Play B3yond3837d ago

The title had me worried... I thought they were gonna take out a big feature like getting drunk or something like that.

GIJeff3837d ago

i agree 100%. how is THIS a major feature? a major feature is stealing cars. If they took that out, id be a little upset...but this?

Montrealien3836d ago

to some people it is a major feature, to you 6, it ain't, that is all.

plus, I got XMP and 30 gigs of music on my computer's hard drive, no big deal.

JsonHenry3836d ago

Does that mean you can't listen to custom tracks on your 360? I rarely litsen to the games actual music. I just play my own tracks in the background.

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marichuu3837d ago

Saints Row had an MP3 player, and you could unlock and buy music for it in the game. Wasn't that bad, dunno why Rockstar would remove it.


thats not a big deal to me i would rather hear gun fire and car crashes

TheEndzor3837d ago

Yes i agree

it wasn't that important

will113837d ago

the reason this was taken out was the xbox small 9gb disc could not fit any thing else.... plus bubbles please i need them

zonetrooper53837d ago

Gonna cancel preorder now, man its like the biggest feature in the whole game!

moveteam3837d ago

Heh, it's (or was) a cool feature, but really I don't care, the game is going to be FANTASTIC!

wallace10003837d ago

I am pretty sure zone is kidding but it is funny that he has 8 agrees and disagrees. I guess some people didn't realize he was :-P

machete squad steve3837d ago

is the fact someone disagrees with my question. looks like someone has a hardon for me.

Ivix3837d ago

@machete squad steve - You probably got disagrees because people thought you were a moron for even having to question that.

Shadow Flare3836d ago

its amazing how bad some people's sense of sarcasm is. Can't you tell he was joking when he said "it's the most important feature of the game" lol

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jaaz3837d ago

The game has a ton of hours of in-game music, but it's not UNLIMITED. If they allowed you to play the same music on your cell phone that you could play in your car, you would go through the entire catalog of in-game music fairly quickly and might get bored of it too soon.

If anything, the removal of this feature affects the 360 version of GTAIV much more than the PS3 version, since on the 360 you were apparently able to play your own music within the game.

whoelse3837d ago

Funny if Sony paid Rockstar to do that, though very unlikely.

moveteam3837d ago

Read! This has nothing to do with custom soundtracks, but only if you can listen to music while you're walking!

Mars Attacker3837d ago

Got that backwards dude. Using the all-powerful Dashboard, the 360 has custom soundtracks no matter what. Its the PS3 that's stuck with crappy built-in music without this feature.

This is one game that custom music is VERY IMPORTANT. Yet another reason to buy the 360 version.

Play B3yond3837d ago

Yeah and dont come crieng on this sight when you pop in the game and when its done loading before you take your first step as Niko you get RRoD. Another reason to get the PS3 version.

jaaz3837d ago

I'm not talking about custom soundtracks. That's always been there. At one point R* announced that you would be able to play your mp3s and other sounds THROUGH your cell phone. The music would sound like its coming from your cell phone, would pause when you got a call, etc. That's clearly not the same thing as a custom soundtrack that plays over everything you are doing endlessly.

Since the PS3 can't play custom tracks in-game (not yet anyways), it was thought this was a 360-only feature. Which now means the 360 lost a feature.

Foxx773837d ago

The PS3 does support custom soundtracks on a game by game basis ... SuperStarDust HD has this feature (play any music off the HDD or playlists) ... Burnout Paradise will also be adding this functionality in an upcoming patch. Not many games use it but it's there.

(Not a flame war message, just trying to clear up confusion)

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